Why Perfect, Beautiful, Intelligent Women Fail for Love? Here is Why!

angels japan: Why Perfect, Beautiful, Intelligent Women Fail for Love? Here is Why!

Hi, My Beautiful people in my community! This week went by so fast for me, I feel blessing enough for everything I have around me. I’ve been speaking with beautiful ladies in my community left and right lately regarding the love relationship that frustrates them. I know how exactly they feel and how badly they want in their way because they are so in love. I know that. Because I’d been there. I know how they are going through. This is why I love to talk to you guys to teach you how the love relationship works!

As I talk to them, I see all of the ladies look beautiful and they are extremely intelligent. I can tell that they have their own desire and have confidence in what they do and at the same time, they are also very caring. How could these perfect, beautiful, successful, and intelligent ladies are suffering for a relationship?! It’s our world wonder right!? What’re missing to those perfect strong women?! See, ladies, this is where your self-love practice takes the important role…

If you say yes it’s me, I know the mistakes you have been making and that you are blind in LOVE! I know how much you love your man. I know you want the best in the relationship and you do anything to make the relationship successful. You spend more energy and time and even money on your man, and this desperate circulation eventually begins to leak down the drain like there is a hole in a relationship. And you tell me how much you have done for him and that now you feel miserable. Watch out ladies, when you are in love, you don’t see what’s good and bad for you. You are obsessed and ignoring your very own needs and feelings inside you.

For example, one of my clients had met a guy that so cute and fun. He seemed very responsible and talk to her about marriage. She thought she found a perfect man that is matching everything to a man of her dream. But after a few months of dating, his attitude quickly fade off, he became distant and lost interest in her. She began to work hard trying to make him hers. She pays for their date, trip, vacation, birthday, and everything they do together. And she comes to me and tells me that she understands that he is struggling for his work…

See, ladies, I know you feel that helping him keeping him, but he is still a man, and he always wants to impress as a man! You are taking the driver seat and begin to drive him where you want to go..that’s not exciting for a man! Men never like to be controlled nor to belittle. If HE ever asks you for money or nags about his work, he is not treating you like a woman but maybe a mother or a manfriend. Men would never show a woman weakness in that area in finance when especially you both are single status in the relationship. If he ever says that to you, you should take it as he is not able to take care of you. Would you still want to see him as a potential man to happily marry him in the future if that’s what you want?

Long years ago before I practice self-love, I was one of you. When my first child was born and I began working on a job to feed my baby, my partner at the time became very aggressive and abusive to me. During two years of struggles, I became a survivor of domestic violence. After all, I quickly escaped to Hollywood California to protect my child away from any harm. I began my own Talent agency to serve for the needs of others and to support myself and my child, and I felt awful for my boyfriend at the time for having a baby that’s not his. So I tried and work hard to make it up for him in the relationship. Therefore I attracted a wrong type of guy who won’t serve as a man enough or who take an advantage of my weakness.

It took many years for me to find that everything creates from how much you know and having a close relationship within yourself. You must see yourself and love yourself unconditionally for any parts that you feel insecure about.

As I was doing so, everything else fell into the places without any hardship. A great kind man began rescuing me to teach me about how man is for women. My lovely man is a good example. He is always a king and prince charming to me. He is kind, funny, cute, sexy, dependable, a big supporter to worry about things happening around me, leader, extremely intelligent, and most of all, he is safe. You want a man that you can respect and not something to complain about. You want a man that you can always agree with no matter what he does or says.

So when my clients begin to complain about their man, I will be wondering and say “are you sure you love him when you don’t like something about him and you try to change him who he is not?” I am not saying here that you must love the whole baggage that comes with him. If you can’t accept him who he is, what he needs, and what he loves in his own way, you have no way of giving him a respect that he needs. This is where a basic of love relationship lay and you want it solid as much as you can.

When you face the problem, this is where I coach around to support the ladies to be in a center of own heart to have self-awareness of themselves. This does not mean that you are going to be selfish and just focus on your own world. You want to pay attention to your very own feelings in an authentic way what you truly need to connect to the universe…

I hope you understand some of the important concepts of love. This is why I always encourage my clients to work on self-love practice at the beginning of my love improvement program, and it always works well with them! I want you to know more about it and I want you to find the true love of your life. Trust me, when he pops up in your life, you will notice him in no time that he is the one!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message, make a comment, and place a session with me! I am here to help you improve your love life!

Love Coach Riyo 🚀 with LOVE

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To be Called Beautiful with Self-LOVE – Meditation and Relaxation

angels japan strawberry fields

It’s June everyone! I am enjoying moments of vacation time relaxing in my home NYC. We have everything here from the world and we can have quality fun every day if you know where to go what to do in the city… I was just hiking in the park today in fitness clothing with music and hat on. When you hike through Central Park, you can take Vitamin D just by being under the sun, get to play with little animals, feel cool under the shadow of trees, and talk to any strangers who enjoying the nature just as you do. I am loving this beautiful weather and feeling the happiness of beautiful summertime!

Now I am thinking. When I was 20 years younger from now, I didn’t know how to be a whole happy person. I moved from another side of the earth and crossed the states to search for my life of happiness. I thought someone or something can make me a whole happier person. But that search and confusion weren’t ever turned a love to begin with, because I was looking for the getaway and something else to make me happy to take care of me. I never had any problems finding someone to do so, but truth is that nobody can make me a happy person unless I am happy with myself. After the years of struggles, I began working on Self-LOVE to make me happy.

When you truly found happiness with who you are and how healthy you are from the inside (mentally) and out (physically), people around you see your smile, and they are all attracted to you and say “you are beautiful!” This will be your daily word to hear everywhere you go from everyone if you follow my energy practice to improve your life. Yes, you can feel and control your own energy and receive the vibration from the universe! (See previous blogs.) Your heart is whole and round 100% open to everything to get what you want for your life. And when you get this feeling of having Self-LOVE, you finally realize, you found true LOVE within yourself and you are ready to LOVE someone to be happy.

I know you want to find the happiness of your life. I know you want to find someone to share your love forever. And I am here to help you find that happiness and love. If you want that happiness and love, you got to find it within you.

As I practice for years of Self-LOVE, I teach meditation to run your energy from nature and universe in my Health Improvement Program. When something does not go the way you want, the heart is still full of love by calming your emotion. I found a spell of tears for my past struggles but there is no destruction in mind by meditating. This is the time I can let things go to protect my heart to keep my happiness within. Then I praise myself and feel how grateful I am to be a happy woman.

Meditation and relaxation are very important for Self-LOVE. You don’t have to chase other people and depending on them for love. Becuase you can’t fill love from someone else. You have to love yourself no matter if you are loved or not. It begins with how much you love yourself and be happy who you are. When you realize it and work on your self-love beside aim love at someone else to try to receive love from outsourcing, you can become much better and happier person. With my Health Improvement Program, I promise that you find love and happiness for your life!

So I am writing as I am relaxing. Have fun for this summer everyone! I may talk about how to slim your ab without pain next week. If you have any problem with your current health and life, feel free to message me, make a comment, or place a session with me! I am here to make your life beautiful.

Health Coach Riyo 🌳 with LOVE

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