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My beautiful ladies in my community… today, I love to talk about how to make dating online profile to attract the right men you want. I know how it’s tough and complicated for many people to find one that really matches with you and your lifestyle and not to stuck with someone in a merry-go-round cycle. So, I want you to show yourself properly on your online profiles in the digital world because now and days people search people through online. Psychologically, people will stick with the impression from online profile instead of actually meeting in person. So make sure that you are telling how you want them to know about you in an authentic way.

Before I go into the detail, over this weekend, you may be spent your time with your boyfriend, or alone, or with your family, or at work, or studying, or maybe you went out with your girlfriends for fun. In either case, I wish that you had a quality time for yourself and that you are happy with yourself.

Because the first thing I want you to be sure is that you are happy with yourself who you are right now more than 100%! Even though your life is maybe not perfect, are you accepting the things and be loving and easy to yourself? Are you possessing love, happiness, peace within yourself? Once you define your true SELF-LOVE, the man of your true love comes you, I promise. Otherwise, if you are always being unhappy, nagging, and or complaining, you can’t make anybody happy nor expect anyone to provide it for you for the long-term. Remember, your happiness is your responsibility. Your own happiness is the key to the long-term relationship. So at least you know that, let’s talk about how to make a dating profile to attract right people for you! Here are the tips.

Men LOVE happy women, ladies! Any county you go, any people you see, no matter you speak their language or not, a SMILE is the happy verbal communication. When your profile has a high value and seems full of happiness for who you really are authentically, it attracts only high valued authentic men. It is important to present who you are in real life and show happy photos of yourself with a beautiful smile! Remember, no one caring about your insecurity so don’t hesitate. The smile shows how much you IDENTIFY, KNOW, and LOVE YOURSELF. The point here is to know yourself and be an authentic and open heart.

Post more than 5 pictures to show who you are and your interests. For instance, show your hobbies such as in the gym working out, cooking, eating out, hiking, kayaking, boating, bowling, fishing, dancing, and taking trips to the places. Don’t be a boring person with a lot of same selfies. And describe what you love to do and what you want to try, so then the matching men who have same interests will approach you to ask you out. The best way is to state specifically so that he knows what you love and that he will know how he can lead you to make you happy.

The memo here is that if you are showing your sexy photographs, that’s what you are presenting for and that’s what you are asking for. So if you have a beautiful body that you want to show off, fine! Go right ahead, but you must know what you are presenting and clarify your mind about it. Also, many men don’t read your profile and just talk to you by looking at your photos, so I recommend to not take everything personally.

State and describe anything specifically what you want and won’t accept. For instance, if you are enjoying your freedom of simple single lifestyle and want to find someone who is special for you to share that with you, state it. For example, if you’ve never been married, no kids, and happy where you are at, state that you want someone with the same condition fairly. This tells your value and worth which shows your beautiful boundary, so do not hesitate to say what you want and what you don’t accept. If you state clearly enough, you avoid lots of hassle and time talking or interrupted by men that basically you do not match.

For example, this week just passed by, I bought a mountain bike I LOVE. (I grew up riding it and haven’t ridden it for over 21 years now…) This originally began with the conversation at my very first date with my loving man. We kept at conversation since, and we never took action for it. He recently asked me if I still like to ride and decided to purchase his own, and he reminded me to get it as well. Now I AM in LOVE with my bike. See, this kind of a sensitive and strong man you all need everyone!!! He remembers any little things you say and leads you to action when you totally forgot. He makes you smile and feel to show off how happy you are. For the reason, I really appreciate him for all he does from my heart. People may notice me as very fast but I am actually very slow in relationship and marriage until I met this man, so ladies, make sure to choose a man that cares for you and makes you feel happy ever in your life!

So back to what I was talking about how important for you to state your boundary, I’ve seen many successful couples who have the same type of past love experiences such as marriage and love life. For example, if you had long-term marriage and have kids, and a man you are dating has same situation, he understands you very well with equivalent level and needs. This way, two can help each other for a better relationship. Everything is a balance in the relationship. So don’t hesitate to state what you desire for your matching love.

So I tell you, a right man for you knows how to make you happy, complete, and open in front of everyone. If something does not serve your love requirements in a relationship, you should move on earliest as you notice.

If you follow these tips, I guarantee you find your perfect match in no time! If you express in the way authentically who you really are, what you accept, you have right attention from right men. So please don’t limit yourself and express what you deserve. If you need more dating tips and or you are currently frustrating with your love life, feel free to send me a message, make a comment, or place a session with me! I am here to help you with your happy love life.

Love Coach Riyo 💜 with LOVE

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