3 Tips for Women to become who Men truly desire

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3 Tips for Women to become who Men truly desire

Most women have a false set of beliefs about men and that blocks their ability in having a healthy happy relationship. They are trapped in the dating cycle with false beliefs so they keep having the same mistake to never reaching goals of the true relationship they hope. Some women are also needing help to overcome their fear from past experiences.

The blame on men doesn’t work unless you become aware of the falses on your beliefs and make an effort to learn the truth about men. As you learn about it, you also are to be the open heart and knowing who you really are and to identify a man you want, you can pursue the relationship goal with a man of your dream. (If you read my previous articles, you know what I am talking about.)

We all deserve a happy healthy great relationship with the men of your choice to spend your whole life with. However, I see many women unconsciously having to form a relationship as in an image of a merry-go-round. For instance, you work too hard to satisfy a man and wondering why he becomes distance after few months of dating. Or few months of dating and you don’t know where you are heading. So I, as a coach, help you to identify the mistake you have been making to teach you what men truly desire. Here is a 3-tips.

1) Be a nice woman! – Don’t over think with your imagination and ask him questions and listen what he said because men tell what he’d meant. Don’t ignore any of your true feelings when you feel something either good or bad, explain your feelings nicely. This way you are authentic and not acting the way who you are not.

2) Be positive! – Men will be in love with women with a conviction of her own with her self-worth, -respect, -value, and full of -love created on her own. Always true to self, knowing who you are, and prioritize yourself so that you can stay strong and positive on self no matter which way the relationship turns. So that he can feel safe with you.

3) Be feminine and easy to be around! – Lie back, relax, and enjoy being receptive. Men are not babies, they are your promoter, provider, and protector, so don’t think or talk over him. If they need your help, they will express themselves. So take good care of yourself and let him take care of you in his own term.

Valentine’s Day is near and I know all of you want that prince charming comes to you. If you are not a happy independent woman and or you’ve been in love with a man unconsciously, you may have difficulty handling well yourself without him. As a coach, I help you to become conscious of your self and a relationship so that you know how to have a desired dream relationship.

Don’t be shy and make comments! Feel free to set up your session with Riyo or send me a message at any time. I will answer you with any questions you may have.

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How to attract guys that are worthy of you 人生の愛の人の見つけ方自分に良くしてくれる男性と出会いたい

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どこにも進まないデートをし続けている方。はっきり言って、一度、実際にあなたの運命の人と、もし出会ったとしたら, あなたは何の恋愛の心配をする必要なんてないのです。もしあなたが心を十分にオープンにして、正直に何を望んでいるのかを自分で理解をしているのであれば、実はあなたの周りでたくさんの男性があなたとのデートを望んでいるはずです。でも、もし、あなたと合っていない男性にはまってしまったり、過去の経験から人生の人が現れないと思い込んでしまうと、良い恋愛を見つける事も進める事もできません。

昔の経験の問題にとりつかれるのを止め、自分の心の奥底にいる子供心の素直な自分に自分の本当の欲望を聞いてみてください。コーチをするにつれて良く伺う事は, 真に感じていることや望んでいる事を男性に伝えることを恐れている女性が多い事です。もしそうでないと, 男友達か母親のような態度で彼に接したりすることで、どちらにしても、そのような態度では男性からすると魅力を感じません。


次のステップをフォローしてください。ペンで紙に書き出してください。あなたの人生の愛の人の具体的なアイデアをリストにしてまとめてください。1) 彼が持っていなければならない良い特徴と2)彼に有ってはいけない悪いことろ。

このリストは、もしあなたが心奥底の素直な子供の自分をオープンにして問いかける事ができれば、直ぐに答えられるはずです。この方法は, あなたの望んでいる人生の愛の人を明確に示し魅きつけ、あなたに合わない人との深い交流を防ぐためです。

もし、この方法で描きだせない場合は, 不必要な感情的を持った人や、都合の良い人や、または奇遇で出会った人と不明確な気持ちで付き合いをする事が良くあります。あなたがその方法を使い描くことで, あなたがどのような人生の愛の人を望んでいるのか、どのような人とはお付き合いを避けるかを明確に念頭にする事ができます。

このように自分との認識をする事によって, 間違った人と時間を無駄にすることもなく、もしくわ考えの違いから口論をし、後々合わない人だったと発覚する事がなくなります。あなたの望む男性と出会ってその人を選ぶことで、あなたはその男を選んだ理由を自覚するとともに、彼の自分の選んだ好きな特質を意識をすることで、彼と自らの心の欲望に信頼をゆだねる事ができます。

このやり方が難しかったり, それでも望む人を見つける事ができない場合は, コーチリヨとのセッションをご予約いただくか、メッセージを送信ください。心の開き方を学んでいただくとともに、あなたの人生の新しい愛との出会いを実現していただきます!

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How to attract guys that are worthy of you

Do you want to attract men who are good for you? Are you tired of dating guys that not going anywhere?

Actually, let me say this; you don’t have to worry about anything with a right man once you meet him! There are many men out there that you can meet and willing to date you if you are open enough, available, and knowing who you are!

But many of you either stuck with wrong guys or you think can’t find one, that’s because you let your past experiences speak. Stop thinking and rather listen to your own genuine desires from that inner child of you.

As I coach, I noticed, many women are afraid to tell men what they truly feel and want in a relationship. If not so, they bring muscling energy out like they are a man friend or even smother men to tell men what to do. Either way, it does not work to attract right men.

First, you have to be open to self and to know what you truly want. This way, you don’t even want men that are not good for you because you are at a conscious level to know what you desire that good for yourself!

Follow this steps. Think and write down on the paper with a pen. Make a list of what you want in your man specifically with concrete ideas of a love of your life. 1) Any qualities that he must have and 2) what you never like with him.

You could answer this very quick if you let your inner child speaks! This excise is to set your clear genuine desires about your love partner as well as to prevent you from settling for less.

If you are not setting this list, you may end up being with a person for convenience and or coincidence and with possible unnecessary emotional baggage. As you write it down and clarify what you want and don’t want in your man, you automatically able to see the quality you are looking for in men and also identify disqualification for dating. This way, you don’t waste your time with wrong persons.

Once you meet and chose a right guy to be with, you are more conscious about the relationship and his qualities why you chose that man. You can always reasonably respect and trust him as you trust your own inner desires.

If you have difficulty following this excise and or can’t seem to find a right guy for you, book a session with coach Riyo or message me. I promise that you can right away learn to open your heart and enjoy dating a new potential love of your life!

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Margarine or Butter?

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angels japan helps you for healthy nutrition

Why do people tend to say Margarine is better because it’s low in cholesterol levels?

Butter is made with milk and mainly saturated fat. Saturated fat raises blood cholesterol levels. High in blood cholesterol causes the risk of heart disease.

Margarine is made with vegetable oil which help reduce cholesterol level. Many plant oil especially olive oil (monounsaturated fats) is beneficial for heart disease protection.

The World Health Organization recommends to lower the saturated fats dairy intake to less 10%. Since it tells to reduce intake of saturated fats, you might want Butter for occasion depending on the healthy diet plan. And always best to read the nutrition information panel to determine which margarine is highest in monounsaturated fats and lowest in saturated fats.

If you are wondering what diet is a best option for you, ask Riyo for more information! You can book me or message me.

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How to connect with your man emotionally 彼との気持ちの共に分かち合い方

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How to connect with your man emotionally

Haven’t you ever wish if your man listen to you and do what you want? Haven’t you hope that you can express what you want to your new love without being afraid of what he thinks? Are you getting mad losing control because he is not doing what you want?

When you don’t know how to connect your emotion to express your feeling what you truly want from your man, it damages a relationship, because you are not connecting with self consciously. In this case, even he is attracted to you, you push him away because you don’t know how to connect self and to connect with his deep emotional desire.

If you are afraid or mad to connect with him emotionally, he never be able to get a chance to connect with you. You are blocking the way where men’s romance comes from. Know that men are wanting to connect with you as much as you do as well as afraid of rejection as much as you do. Sometimes men feel more pressure simply because they feel responsible to lead women as how our society formed.

This is why men tend to fall in love with women who know what they want in love and being happy taking care of herself to make herself happy in her own life without depending on him. The type of women who is happy and fine even without him is not emotional wreck, she can always control her emotion in a relationship and if anything, she can express herself calmly.

To connect with your man, you first connect with self and ask what you genuinely want. Make sure be authentic! You have to love yourself first and know how to talk with your true self. When you are confused and mad in a relationship, talk to your inner child self and ask her what she wants and that upsets her.

Secondly, ask your man to make time for you to talk about your feelings and what you want and how you want it. For example, if you want your man to be in touch with you more frequently, explain to him honestly and calmly that you want him to contact you more often because that way, you feel safe and secure in the relationship. If you are mad, tell him that you are feeling mad because you haven’t got the attention that you need in the relationship and that makes you upset. And if there is any such reasons from past experiences why you feel insecure, tell him about that.

If he is the one for you, he will make time and effort to think about it and do what you want, in fact, he will be attracted to you more because he sees how you are different than others that you are respectful enough to speak your mind calmly and honestly.

In a healthy relationship, you are able to talk about your feeling calmly and honestly without any hesitation or emotional discomfort. You are able to open your heart to him as pure as you can be, happier as an innocent child, and he appreciates you more this way because he feels he is admitted to open his heart as you are.

If you are having the issues with opening your heart to self, or connecting with your man, or talking to your man emotionally, arrange the love improvement program with coach Riyo or send a message by Messenger. I will be in touch you shortly.

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お付き合いをしている彼があなたの話をいつも聞いてくれ、自分が望んでいる事を進んでやり遂げてくれることをお望みの方。大好きな付き合いだしたばかりの彼に自分の考えを思う存分心配なしに気持ちを思い存分伝えたいと思う方。 長い間付き合っている彼がいつまで経っても自分の望む事に気を向けてくれず喧嘩になってしまう方。



もしあなたが彼に怒りを感じているか気持ちを表現をする事を恐れば, 彼はあなたと感情をつなげる事を自然に避けてしまします。そうなる事で、男性の本愛情が現れるのをあなたはブロックしてしますのです。まずは、彼はあなたと同じように感情を分かち合いたい, あなたと同じように気持ちを拒絶される事を恐れている事を知ってください。 それは、男性にとって、女性よりも重く責任感を感じるのが男性だからこそです。

そのため, 男性は、自分の人生を楽しく幸せに過ごす女性、彼を頼りきっていない自由で魅力的な女性に恋をする事がよくあります。 このタイプの女性は感情に呑まれて表現する事もなく、何かあれば自らの感情を冷静に対応し気持ちをコントロールすることができるからです。

彼と感情を共に分かち合うには, 始めに自分が本当に何を望んでいるかを知る事です。本物の自分です! 自分自身を愛し真に子供の自分と心から対応する事で、自分をもっとも理解をする事です。 もし彼との関係に怒りを感じたり、わからなくなったりする事があれば、まずは自らの小さな自分と対応し、本当の自分の気持ちを理解する事です。

次は彼に自分の気持ちと望んでいる事等を伝えたいので、話をする時間を作ってもらい、彼に伝えるようにする事です。例えば, あなたは彼にもっと頻繁に連絡をして欲しいと思うのなら, 彼に正直にそのように伝え、あなたはそうある事で彼との関係に安心感を感じることを伝えてください。もし あなたが怒ってるのであれば、そういった気持ちがあると正直に伝える事です。もし、それがあなたの過去の悪い経験から来ている事であったりすれば、その事をしっかりと彼に説明し、あなたが不安を感じる理由を説明することです。

もし彼があなたのためなら, 彼はあなたの言ったことをするために時間と努力をします. 実際には, あなたが他の人と同じように, あなたの心を穏やかに話していることを見ているので, 彼はあなたに 正直に

健康な恋愛関係は, あなたは穏やかに不快感もなく気持ちを伝える事ができ, 冷静に正直な気持ちに話すことができはずです。あなたは彼に心を開く事を恐れる事がなく、無邪気で子供のような幸せを感じ、彼は彼で、あなたが彼に対応することで、安心感を感じて、お互い心を開くことができるようになります。

もし自分の心を開く事が難しく感じたり, 彼と感情をうまく分かち合う事が不可能であったり, うまくあなたの気持ちを彼に伝える事ができない場合は, ラブ・インプルーブメント・プログラムをお試しください。セッションを予約されるか、メッセンジャーにてご連絡いただければ、直ぐに返答させていただきます。

ラブコーチ リヨ

How to identify good emotionally available men  感情を持って恋愛に向き合える事のできる男性とは

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How to identify good emotionally available men

Have you ever stuck with relationship that does not go anywhere? Have you dated a man over months and he is yet to ask you for an exclusive relationship? That happens to many women since online dating is so easy to men for a casual relationship. And you come to me and tell me that you are stuck.

You want a man to give you incredible deeper love to you, you want his attention to you, you want him to talk to you more, you want his commitment, and you want him to think about you. This type of relationship is only possible if you are in a healthy relationship, a state where a man is open to take you to his emotional account.

When you are in an unhealthy relationship, you are going to be blinded and frustrated why your relationship is not the way you wanted. You want a relationship with an emotional available man to have a healthy relationship with. And it’s not difficult to find healthy minded men! I promise, if you are following my guidelines to love self and better self with a higher value standard, you can only attract men that are loving as you are and healthy as you are and higher value as you are.

However, an emotionally unavailable man doesn’t mean that it’s a bad guy or that he is abusive or a cheater. It’s about his close mindedness that blocks off to be open to allow a deep intimate relationship. Sometime it’s difficult to identify if he is an emotionally available man. It could be his job, past relationships, any emotional issues, and or how his family structured when he grew up. And it’s not your problem to fix him! You can identify what’re the signs to emotionally available men or unavailable men.

A) Emotionally available man…. B ) Emotionally unavailable man:

1) A) He has no problem with commitment with you…. B )He is not taking you to exclusive for months of dating. When men tell you about reasons why they can’t, then that’s what it is.
2) A) He makes you priority…. B )He has so many excuses to not discuss any relationship issues.
3) A) He connects with you emotionally and talk about himself and issues he is facing…. B )He always says he’s fine and that has nothing to show or does or talk about how he feels. He is not sharing his emotional feeling with you.
4) A) He is able to work out and talk about relationship openly with you and not afraid to discuss about relationship…. B )He ignores and not face when you want to issue about relationship.
5) A) He tries his best to fulfill your wants and needs at the deeper level that you feel he cares and you see his action…. B )He is selfish and not trying to make time and or arrange anything to make you happy.
6) A) He makes you feel deeply loved and gives you safe and security that you want…. B )He is all up to his convenient. He is lack of empathy to you.
7) A) He is consistent with his word and action…. B )He goes hot and cold and makes you confuse if he is the one. He shows anger when you issue relationship. He is not stable and keep breaking promises.
8 ) A) He listens to you and shows interest to what you say…. B )He is not paying attention nor trying to understand what you say. He is not making the room to connect with you emotionally.

Many times, men withdraw and become distance from a relationship, and it’s natural to men. He sometime wants enough time and room for himself, his freedom, and respect that he craves. But if he doesn’t seem to come back to you or you can’t trust him that he will be back to you for a healthy relationship, he is most likely permanently putting up a wall not to have a loving relationship.

If you are frustrating with dating a man who puts you on hold and makes confuse where you are at with him, book a session with me or send me messages by Messenger. I quickly respond to your messages. I will promise you that you never be blinded or confused once you begin my love improvement program!

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かといって、しっかりとした感情を持って女性と対面できない男は、悪い人である訳でもなく、または虐待をしたり、浮気をするような男性である訳でもありません。問題点は、心が開く事ができず、深い親密な関係を女性と持つ事を阻止することで密接感を避ける ことなのです。そのため、彼が恋愛に感情を持たない男性であるかどうかを見定めるには、時には困難であります。もしかして彼の仕事、過去の関係、個人の感情的な問題、あるいは彼が子供の時に育った家族環境からの影響の場合もあります。そして、その問題は彼の問題であなたの問題ではないのです!付き合い出した男性が、感情を持って恋愛ができる男性か、それともそれが不可能な男性なのかを見定めるサインをまずはご覧ください。

A)感情を持って恋愛できる男性  B)感情を持って恋愛をできない男性:

1)A)彼があなたとの恋愛を恋人として約束してくれる。 B)何ヶ月 経っても彼はあなたに告白しない。彼がなぜ告白できないかを教えてくれる。それを気探って、考えすぎないように。
2)A)彼はあなたの気持ちをまず優先する。 B)彼はあなた の事に何の注意も払わない。いつもなんらかの言い訳をする。
3)A)彼は感情的にあなたとのつながりを求め、彼自身についての事を話してくれる。 B)彼はいつも、なんの問題もないふりをして、彼の感情を隠し、何かを見せたり、話したり、伝えたりする事がない。それは彼の本当の感情をあなたと共有しようとしていない事です。
4)A)彼はあなたとの関係を深め、恋愛関係についてを話し合うことも恐れず、あなたとオープンな関係で会話をすることができる。 B)彼はあなたが恋愛関係についての会話をした時に無視をするか話に乗らない。
5)A)彼は最善を尽くしてあなたのために、あなたの要求や必要とする事を満たすために行動し態度に表す。 B)彼は自分勝手で、全くあなたのために時間を作ったり、あなたを幸せにするようなことをしようとしない。
6)A)彼はあなたに深い愛を示し、あなたが常に望ぞんでいる恋愛関係への安心を与えてくれる。 B)彼はすべてことに自己中心である。彼はあなたに共感を表さない。
7)A)彼はいつも精神的に安定をしている。 B)彼がとても優しくなったり冷たくなったりと、あなたを混乱させる。恋愛問題の話になると怒りを見せる。安心感を避ける。約束を破る。
8)A)彼はあなたが話す事に耳を傾け、あなたの言うことに興味を示す。 B)彼はあなたのいう事に注意を向けない。あなたが言うことを理解しようとしない。感情的に深くつながる心の余裕を作らない。



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愛についてとソウルメイトの見つけ方 How to Love and Find Soulmate

angels japan consult for a happy relationship







この愛の説について難しいと思われる方。理解ができてもなかなか思うように恋愛ができない方。ソウルメイトと出会えないとご心配の方。恋愛コーチ リヨにお任せください!お気軽にフェイスブックにてブッキングをされるか、メッセンジャーにてご連絡をください。すぐに折り返しご連絡差し上げます。

恋愛コーチ リヨ

How to Love and Find Soulmate

Do you remember self when you were around 5 years old, everyone? Do you remember that you could express loud and freely with 100% open heart without fear what you exactly want, what you like, and what your future dream is? Do you remember, at that time, you were denied your wishes by somebody for some reason and since then true feeling of that little child closed down? That little child self is still deep inside of your heart covered the mouth shut from the time. Please think about that little child self right at this moment.

To solve problems about a love relationship, first, you have to be able to love self than you do for anyone else, be honest with self, and understand and forgive self unconditionally from anything that may happen. Most complains I hear about love relationships as I coach is frustrations from how much they loved him; what they gave him; how they served him; and how they were doing house chores and why he didn’t love them back to keep blaime on him.

The truth is that love is coming from satisfaction from being understood the “feeling” deep inside of the heart. To sartisfy his deep “feeling”, you must be able to listen to him seriously when the time it’s needed; understand him; don’t neglet him when he made mistake; accept him no matter what happened; show your respect; trust his thoughts and willing to support him; believe his desires; and show appreciation for any little things he does for you.

Are you in love with the one who you can follow this guideline without any frastrations? When your soulmate appears to you, without doubt you will know you can, it’ll be in harmony without unhealthy emotion, it will lead gracefully both to be deeply in love.

To truly love a person, you interface the person with your deep and wide opened heart which is overflowed with your self-love. Of course, everyone gives, does house chores, does things for the person who is in the relationship. However, the point to the base of true love is relying upon how much you understand and love little child self to be fully happy with self. When you are able to prioritise your self and become happy with self, your soulmate will appear to you, to fairly complete harmony you desire to share the life with just as a beautiful magical love romance you always dreamt of.

If you feel this would be difficult for you to understand, if you understood but frustrated that you can’t make it happen, or if you worry that you never meet your soulmate, please talk to love coach Riyo! Feel free to book the session, or send me your message by Messenger. I will respond to your messeage.

Love Coach Riyo

恋愛 / キャリア / 生活 お悩み相談










どの社会人も楽観的に働けて週末やバケーションの期間に趣味をたっぷりと満喫できるような 幸せな生活を望んでいると思います。 ビジネスマン・キャリアウーマンにとって毎日の生活が充実していて満足できている事は大切な事です。仕事で社会にしっかりと業務 をこなし貢献している事と個人の趣味などで幸福に満ちている事にバランスが取れてい る 生活が 皆さん最もお望みの事でしょう。

例えば、ある社員が余りにも沢山の仕事に追われ、毎日残業の日々が続く上に、週末は 家庭やプライベートの家事をするだけで過ぎてしまうような生活をしている場合は、自己個人の幸福度にかけているいる為、その社員にストレスを及ぼす可能性があります。その場合は他の従業員や上司に対 しての考えや関わりが悪くなったり、一人で悩みを抱えてしまう可能性があります。その他に も 営業セールの売れ行きが追いつかなくなり、一人で悩みとストレスを抱えてしまう という件も良く聞きます。



5) 生活にリワードシステムを取り れること。

こういった事柄を取り れることによって、私たち社会人は仕事の時間と個人の時間を有意義に活用でき、バランスが取れた健康的な 生活を送ることが可能になります。 一人の一つの細やかな事柄が、会社や他の従業員へと良い影響を与えることになり、 社会全般の大きな反映を生じることになります。 一人一人の健康と幸福は社会に影響を及ぼすとても大事な事なことではないでしょうか。