Are You into Numerology? Your Hidden Secrets You can Find!

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I feel like I want to have fun today. Haven’t you wondered what your birthday and birth name meaning to you? I am a believer in science and a coach to create the energy and to define a higher power for everyone. Then it comes down to the universe as a place and source of our energy to attract right things in our life. And horoscope and numerology are something I look out to know about the hidden potentials.

With numerology, you can calculate your birth number and birth name to get details and specific insights about yourself. You don’t have to totally rely on it, but it’s something you can find to confirm who you are yourself. Aren’t you be curious and would that be good to discover the things you never realize? You weren’t sure until it put it in reading. So I want you to have some fun reading your numerology and see what you can find!

The numerology reading goes by your birth name, but if you are married and calling by a different name for a long period of time, or that you have your nickname for that matter, then it maybe makes it different than your birth name. So you might want to go by what you call yourself most in your life and compare it to your birth name and go from there.

Before I learned about numerology, I always figured the horoscope. Here are my experiences with many of horoscopes. I had a great connection but lost freedom with Leo, just some crash on Aries, fun together but missing heart connection with Pisces, fast and self-centered Aquarius, loving and persuasive Taurus, fun and clever but hard to get together with Capricorn, passionate and dependable Scorpio, being clever on Virgo, cool attention getter Cancer, and a best coolest girl on Gemini. And when it comes to love, I tend to love Libra who is always able to keep exact respect, romance, intellectual, and closeness that I want and need. I also love Sagittarius who has the same amount of respect and closeness but with extra honesty that I want and deserve.

But we are all born unique and more than just a birthday right? So what about numerology?

What I read about myself with numerology was that I am a big cat like a wild child… travel lover and adventurous, friendly and love meeting new people, and uplifting and motivating others. That sounds like coach Riyo! My name read as having the achievement in everything I do and my strong character has great confidence in reaching for success. I was born a leader, honest, ambitious, and independent. When it comes to my relationship, I am feminine and young at the heart so I match with men who are nurture, sensitive, and he is kind like a big teddy bear. That sounds exactly like my type. Numerology reads more accurately and personally than a horoscope.

So I want you to go right ahead and read your numerology to reveal what’re your hidden secrets! Share your reading with everyone and see if you agree with it. The free reading is below.

If you have any request or questions about my services, feel free to send me a message or make a comment. I am happy to hear from you. If you have any difficulty in your life currently in and you feel that you are stuck, place a session with me so that you can get the life you desire.

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How to be a Smart and Attractive Woman to get Great Man You Desire

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Here is for the dating tips for single beautiful women who are busy working on the dreams. You maybe are too busy studying, working, or helping your friends and family and you have no time for your love life. I know you want a best out of yourself and for the work you do. You are passionate about life but when it comes to love, you are hard to get and difficult to totally be in a love relationship. And you always let love opportunity passed by and wondered why your relationship is never working out the way you wanted.

Do you know why your good intention does not always work out in your favor? You might need to learn tips on how to be a smart and attractive woman to get a great man you desire.

I know it can be hard for you to prioritize your love life when what you focus on is important for you “right now” but, what really important is “now” to give yourself a time for your love life! As I always mention, being too hard on yourself does not make you attractive in a relationship or a happier life. If you feel you are missing out on love life and marriage in your life, follow my guideline and begin working on that now. I teach you how to attract men that you dreamed of and finding the right one for your life in my love improvement program.

I’ve seen too many beautiful women that are hardworking and somewhat struggling with a love life. If it’s you, you may be believing that you have no luck of finding love relationship that fully satisfies you. You have confidence in the work you do but you don’t know how to stay attractive in a love relationship. You eventually work too hard in a relationship, and when the relationship fails, you wondered why it’s happening to you. Because the relationship is not all about what you do for a man you love. Great men need to be a best man you ever had in your life. The love relationship is to both taking responsibility apart at 100% to keep a healthy balance for a betterer life.

So if you are hardworking women and always having issues with a love relationship, follow my guideline below to learn how to be a smart attractive woman to get a love relationship you want.

Men are attracted to women who are vulnerable because he can be a man to help her with what she needs. It’s not all about what you do for him, give him attention, sex, or making him happy with gifts. Instead, he wants to do things for you to make YOU happy. He wants to take care of you because you want him and he wants you and that he can see your smile. Of course, doing things for him helps but that does not make him stay in a relationship. He will stay because he knows exactly how to make YOU happy for life.

You have to always FEEL what’s around you. Look around and visualize your love life as a positive, balanced, and quality one. Everything begins with you by visualizing your dream man. You have to realize that your perfect matching man for your life is right there for you. You have to be conscious and be aware to notice him. When you visualize and knowing who you want, the universe is surely sending you the man you are looking for. You have to ACCEPT and let him into your life when it happens to you.

If you are too busy doing your own things, you never have time for your love. You have to make time to be available for your love relationship. Be ready for your date and prepare and be available for your love into your life! You are always “enough” for what you do. Stop saying that there are no good men out there that are good for you and available. There are tons of good men there for you that are missing out on a love life as you are. So give yourself a try and be your best to be open for the love life.

There are more tips I can teach you in my love improvement program. I know you all deserve the best LOVE relationship that you want and keep it for a lifetime. So next week, I will love to talk about how you can keep the love relationship for a lifetime and with some of my personal story. I hope you enjoyed and it helped you with your current love relationship. Feel free to message me, leave a comment, or place a session with me! I am here to support your love relationship.

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How to Control Your Vibration Energy to Get the Life You Want

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I want to talk about our vibration energy and how you can control it the way you want. If any of you is frustrating about where you are at, believe it or not, that’s because that’s where you wanted to be. If you are not completely satisfied with your life right now, because you weren’t paying attention to take charge of your own destiny. If you feel you are confused in this area, you got to learn how to take control! Because a life without a destination is like living a death sentence.

You want to be able to live your life fullest how you want to be. If your life has been based on what other persons do and think, and you are forgotten to build who you are as a person, you are only a less (value) energy to the universe. You can blame on others, but it comes down to your life and responsibility. I will teach you how you can switch your energy to good so that you can begin to take control of your destiny. I know how exactly you can to attract the right things.

You see, successful people are an ambitious individual like a little child. They know exactly what they want and how to claim it. They express their needs clearly and pertain to get what they want. Some of them who possess the right energy, they will get what they want even without proper education. (Can you say no to a crying baby that’s hungry?) However, if they were not fully supported by the certain time period with proper energy, it will not able to go much further without the strong foundation (such as education in most people).

So I always recommend the clients to first learn how they can get there. It’s like when you are on the diet, and you want a healthy lifestyle, you know it doesn’t get you in overnight. But you know it takes only a few to get there in no time with your daily workout. You pay attention to the diet, learn about it, and do the workout the way best for you. So that you are getting the healthy lifestyle that you want and you are in control. Your life is the same thing. You claim it, learn it, and control it. As you take charge of your life, you are able to possess your power. Got it?

People ask me how I get to where I am right now in no time. When I wanted to move to the USA at the age of early 20s alone, I got here. When I wanted to move to Hollywood, I lived there. When I wanted to live in the front of the pool and jacuzzi, I lived there. When I wanted a nice car, I received it. When I wanted to move back to New York City, I got it. When I wanted to get married, I got the right one. These things are of course difficult for somebody but it happens intentionally if you know how to control your energy and act on your wills.

The practice of your self-awareness to know what you deserve and what you don’t want is important. If you know your value is high, you are able to see and avoid complication and conflicts you face so that you can accomplish your destination. For example, I want a simple happiest love life with tons of freedom, and I wanted a man like me as simple, active, and loving freedom as I am, I got one. It only requires self-awareness and energy to control, you can connect with the universe to attract what you want. It’s all about your choice. It is so natural and amazing when it happens.

So everyone, when you take my life improvement program (either love, business, or health), I teach you how exactly you can possess vibration energy. You will learn how to use energy to get what you want in your life. All you have to have is to know what you really want. I have many of clients success with getting what they want, and each one of their stories is amazing, unique, and sometimes unbelievable. I will love to share that with you at some other time. I hope your life brings you the full potential of who you are! Message me, give me a comment, or place your session with me!

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How to Find Your Love of Your Life (Soulmate) – For Mother’s Day

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Today is Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to beautiful mothers out there! She is kind, loving, nurture, and feminine; a role model of the foundation to everyone in a family. I hope that all of the mothers are getting full of love and gifts from the loved ones. I know being a mother is tough with its incredible responsibilities. I also a mother and I know how it reflects your lifestyle in career and love relationship especially if you are a single mother. So today, I dedicate to the hardworking single mothers who are in the search for love.

There is the time maybe you have difficulty being able to meet guys you wanted, having the career you wanted, freeing yourself to travel as you wanted when you don’t have proper help from anyone. Or some of you are too busy building your career and you never had a chance to focus on your love life. You feel guilty about last relationship or marriage and depress when you think about next one. Your heart is closed off and feels that you never be enough, stuck in the old pattern and belief that you never are able to get a happy stable love relationship that you want. If you ever thought so, don’t worry, it’s never too late to get a love you want no matter how old you are and what kind of relationship you had in the past. You are perfectly fine who you are right now and your perfect matching soulmate is right there if your heart is open to accept and realize about yourself. When you get coaching in my love improvement program, you get a key to unlock the way to him in no time! You will be amazed how he pops out in your life suddenly.

Now, please face the current shape of our society. American divorce rate is now 50% of total marriages. If you think about it, you know how our children are raised in a dysfunctional family and seeing parents separation. We are creating the bad circumstance and this directly affecting our new generation. I take this problem seriously. Because children are witnessing broken family from parents and not knowing how to love someone and keep the love. They grew up believing that they will lose their loved ones one day soon or later. They will carry depression and negativity thoughts about a relationship. As long as they believe it, this problem consists to disable a happy long-term love relationship and marriage. I’ve seen many emotionally unavailable people even getting married unconsciously to form an unhealthy marriage life. I know they try to do what they see on TV or the parents. They don’t really know how to connect their heart in the relationship to truly be in love, because they never learned that. So they tend to show only emotional drama part of it. Nobody really teaches us how the love works. So it’s not your fault if you ever experienced bad relationships before. This is why you are here to learn how love works scientifically and consciously. And it’s my work to get your dreamed love.

When you see where you made mistake in your love life, you mirror your parents. You notice that your parents suffer in the same area that you fell. You hated your parents’ mistake, yet you realized you had no choice in avoiding the same mistake. Then you feel you never want to repeat the cycle, especially your children to suffer from it. How can you stop this? How can you be open heart again to a man? Who is perfect for you and your children? Let me help you step-by-step on this one! See, soulmate love is like a matching puzzle. When you meet the one of your life, it’s all fitting naturally and the both of stories makes sense. You don’t have to struggle for a long time to go on the relationship. When it happens to you, I want you to be aware of it, and not to miss it, fight it, nor afraid of it! So stop complaining about past and open your heart to let the love of your life in your life. As you work on improving your love life, you can be aware of everything about yourself and relationships. Follow my basic practice below.

Forgive and forget anything about past relationship. When you carry around negativities and seeing your past life as bad ones, it never makes you feel good about yourself. I am sure you had many beautiful moments and love in the past relationships. Think positive and talk positively about you and your past love relationships. If this is impossible for you, rather not think or talk about it.

Always with gratitude for what you have at this moment and keep them close. Appreciate your beautiful children and your family and close friends who are always there for you. Express your feelings with them and love them back as much as you can! They know about you than you think, they are the indicator to see what you do and say are right or wrong. If you make them sad or mad, something you do or say need to be changed.

Keep everything light and happier. Don’t over think to try to analyze things you have no control over. If you are in the relationship and you are not happy, you move on. Don’t be obsessed with anyone. Nobody is forcing you to be in the relationship you are not happy with. Remember, a relationship is to make you happier and easier, not to be miserable and difficult. There are tons of options for you once you are open to see those opportunities in your way, so stop blinding yourself with only an option.

Create your positivities and own happiness step-by-step. Take good care of yourself and what you have every day right there where you can reach. Live at the present moment to always focus on what you have a passion to do. If you are in search of love, make sure to go out and meet new people. Don’t be sitting at home and waiting for something to come or old habit of being a comfort zone. Take your children on the trip and have fun family time to create a memory of a good motherhood!

Those are the tips for those beautiful mothers. If you have any questions about a love relationship and the love improvement program, send me a message, make a comment, or place a session with me! I am happy to teach you the way to transform you and your painful relationship to the happier one.

PS: My lovely son gave me pizza pies and red and white roses, 🍕🌹 so I posted the pic on this blog. Many of you sent me a message to wish me Mother’s Day, thank you very much! 💝 I loved it and I am very thankful for your attention and support.

Love Coach Riyo 💗 in LOVE

How to Get What You Want in Your Life – Practice Self-Awareness

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Do you feel difficulty getting what you want in your life? Do you feel negative about yourself? Do you ever feel you don’t have what you want and that it’s not enough? If you do, you maybe are missing a direction in your life to look into yourself to attract the right things. So, I want to explain to you how to clarify the direction to manifest your life full of freedom and abundance. Because I know you want to get anything you want, your work, house, love, and a happy life. You all deserve anything you want. And I promise it won’t be difficult and as you practice, you get what you want in no time. It only requires some focus and patience. If you know what you want, you should have it and keep it alright. Most important part of this is to REALIZE it. Once you have realization, you can get some support in that direction to get what you want.

Believe it or not, the universe has the power to get you what you wanted in your life right now, if you are AWARE of the POWER of yourself to connect back to the universe. Is it sounded difficult to you? There are very simple methods on this for my clients. You can begin with very basic things I teach to self-aware of your power. 1) I want you to pay attention to what you have in your daily bases and take care of it. 2) Give sometime every day and listen to your body and take good care of yourself than anything. 3) Stop nagging about what you were given and appreciate that! 4) And then find any positivity within 1)-3) to visualize on what you want for your life. It’s not difficult for you, isn’t it? My advanced methods I teach at my session are highly effective to my clients, and you will be surprised how things turn out for you.

I tell you few things that blocking you from what you want. Don’t count on other people and be conscious of yourself! After you are self-aware of yourself, take step-by-step to find the way to make you happy, then everything else falls into where it belongs. The direction of the steps is to learn to love yourself. When you don’t really know yourself, you are like a blind person. In this case, you are always depending on someone else or some other things to fill your happiness. You fall for what you are depending on and never get to where you want in your life, and tend to keep having the same mistakes. I’ve seen many clients having the issues in codependency and addiction. For instance, when you are depending on some other people or addicted to something (such as drug, alcohol, cigaret, sex, and food, etc.), you are counting on them to make you happy or otherwise you are not happy without it. You let them control you. So make sure not to lose yourself to take steps in a direction where you want to goal.

Some of you are happy about what you have right now. You are living an abundant life of freedom. You are stable and fully happy for everything of your life from work you do, a place you live, loving family, and exciting hobbies. This is a balanced life everybody dreamed of. You do business that you love to serve and travel when you want to explore the world. You are able to control your life without struggles. There are no distractions in the way, no complication, and you are developing better life everyday bases. If you have this simple lifestyle, you can accomplish to get what you want quickly. You have good mindset mentality and meditate to always proceed your way of making progress in your life. This way, you are in control of stabilizing your life longer and happier. More simple, focus, and clear you are, your vibration is strong enough to connect with the universe to form the higher power you have. You can receive this vibration only if you are self-aware of yourself. This takes few months to notice for someone who never worked on meditation.

I teach this self-awareness practice when clients want to attract something in their life. I have them write it down what they want, what they don’t want, and how they want to get it. This manifestation practice is not to target something or someone because when you target specific objects, this turns to obsession, (then you are controlled by the hormone,) therefore you are not thinking correctly. However, when you practice self-awareness, you are manifesting with your genuine vibration to the universe, then it will send you what you really want without your hardship, and it happens very quickly (as its destiny). This is why I always tell my clients not necessary to work hard to get what you want. If it meant to be, it did long time ago. It doesn’t take years of hardship to make it there.

If you understand how your power works with the universe, you create such vibration to manifest what you want from the universe. So then take away from your limited beliefs, and practice what I taught you. If you want to know more about my meditation practice, send me a message, make a comment, or place a session with me! If you ever have the addiction problems that persist, I also recommend my coaching service to seek the support and treatment.

Health Coach Riyo 🌏 in LOVE

How to Set Boundary that’s Hot for Great Men

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Do you know why great quality men LOVE women with boundary? Do you know why boundary is hot for men? If you want a healthy long-term relationship and marriage with great men, you must know how to set boundaries. I’ve seen many of clients struggling with this area, so I will help out to teach you how to attract men you want. If you are afraid or don’t know how exactly to set a boundary in the relationship, you may be either attract wrong men who take advantage of you or you can’t keep great men for long-term. A setting boundary is important because it attracts great men to keep all his attention to you in a relationship and a marriage. Learn from me why it’s so important and how you can.

So, what if you always fall for everything and say YES to everybody? You are so easy and getable to people and have no strong opinions to self nor personality. You are people pleaser and every man can step over you like a doormat. You are going for men after men marriage after marriage, begin to feel that you are less valuable and insecure about yourself. After all, you might even blame on men and past relationships to avoid taking any responsibility for your part. And you become distance and emotionally unavailable to men and you only attract emotionally unavailable men and feel that you never are able to have a real relationship with healthy-minded men. If this ever happened to you, you are not alone, you got to learn to take charge of yourself!

First of all, a boundary is attractive to great men because men need challenges. You see how people will be attracted to something they don’t have and want to reach. If you are totally easy and getable for him, say yes to everything he said and lose yourself, and can’t keep yourself up, he already has you without any hardship, therefore, he loses the interest. Great men don’t want the easy way that doesn’t require work, and the required work must be something meaningful to him, not to you. I know it sounds tough to many people, I know that. But this is a proven record scientifically in the way you can prevent the wrong type of men coming around you to waste your time and you can form the healthy relationship and marriage.

For instance, one of my clients was in a distance relationship. They’d met in the street when she was traveling outside of states, and she quickly invited him to a hotel. He, of course, liked her because how she was free and fun and easy going. After her vacation is over, she began dreaming of a relationship with him. They frequently visit each other and thought they are in love. She did everything to move closer to him. After she moved, he flipped and became distant. She was confused why she loses him after she tried everything. Do you see how she is being a convenience for him? Only the part the relationship made hot is “distance” that sets “boundary” to separate each other. However, in this case, she isn’t setting the boundary, distance did, and she is the one breaking the boundary. She forgot who/where she was, instead, she became needy and settled and chased him to give all herself for her dreamed relationship.

Let’s look at another side of view. When I was living in California for 9 years and I decided to move back to New York for chasing my OWN GOAL (not men!), my ex-boyfriends chased after me to New York. They told me they are heartbroken that I left them. Now, believe it or not, I must be honest that the relationships I had with them weren’t good enough for me! And I didn’t settle for them. So do you see that “setting boundary” attracts men to chase? I was simply focusing my things for what I want. However, you have to be careful here is that making it too hard for men where he feels he cannot reach is also turn off for men. That’s because quality men are looking for great quality in women who gets his heart, not to play games or fun. A point here is that you always have to be sincere to everything you do. Worry about yourself to choose what’s good for you and be authentic who you really are! Because everything follows along if it’s meant to be.

I teach methods that you can follow and what you can exactly say and do to get your men’s attention. The program also teaches you the skills of “shining diamond” and “high angels” which your man can be awakening to realize that you are a special person and that he can’t find you elsewhere. You can have all his attention to you and only to you. He will treat you like you are a queen to be priceless princess to take care of you. Once you are in my program, you can be a woman always hearing people asking him and said, “where did you find her?!” to make him proud how special he is also!

I hope you enjoyed and it helped you to understand why setting boundary is important. I am telling too much now ready, so you feel free to ask me any questions, make comments, or place a session with me! I am here to help you get the love you want.

Love Coach Riyo 💅🏻 with LOVE

Anti-Aging & Fat Burning Food that Cure Health Problems

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For a month, I’ve been talking about the type of meal plan, diet, and exercises that may help you for fat burning and people with obesity and importance of a healthy liver to regulate and balance our body system. And you have to watch what you allow yourself to put into your body so that you can stay young with tons of youthful energy! So, if you are learning from me correctly, everything you face on daily bases, you first ask yourself that “is it good for me?” and then you are on a first step to getting it right for yourself (see the previous post on last Sunday). Because what you’re eating every day is everything to control your health. And truth is that most of the time, it’s your body function that makes you struggling losing weight.

Many times, I may sound like I am a big meat eater….but that’s not the case. I am always sucking on the vegetables, fruits, eggs, nuts, seafood, chickens, and turkeys. First of all, your nutrition should be aligned with your body and your daily intake and usages of calories. I tell you this because I am not recommending to eat bacon all the time. I’ve meant that you have to have a balanced diet and own meal plan that fit you with HEALTHY FOOD. This is why it is important for you to learn about good HEALTHY FOOD CHOICE that makes you feel good, boost your metabolism, slow aging of your body and mind, burning fat, and prevent diabetes, and more!

Believe it or not, any problems such as joint pain, losing weight, muscle weakness, digestive issues, dry skin and hair, stubborn belly fat, energy swings or zero energy, trouble sleeping, and an addiction to carbohydrates, these are ALL connected. Here is why. The large colon tube works to keep toxic substances OUT of your body. If you intake toxic foods (processed food, unnatural food, alcohol, etc.), this damages digestive system in the colon and does not make it into the bloodstream. In this case, your liver has to work double time to try to get rid of the toxins in the system. When this happens, it’s stuck and disable the liver to burn fat. Since the liver is dysfunction, toxins begin to leak into your body, lead to weight gain, an inability to lose weight, joint pain, constipation, bloating, aging skin, zero energy, hormone problems, etc. to nourish your body system.

I hope you learned why you should stay away from toxic foods and what it does to your body. The ebook I recommend below tells what healthy foods you can eat to cure the health problems. There are some surprise with a proven record of science such as coffee we question if it’s good or bad for health is actually very good for preventing cancer and aging and a lot more. So, if you would like to learn 101 foods that are good for your health, go right ahead and click here to learn!

If you have more questions, or you have difficulty choosing your healthy diet, send me a message or place a session with me!

Health Coach Riyo 🍤 with LOVE

How to Become a Quality Feminine Woman to Attract Great Quality Men

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Many of you tend to get confused about what is the femininity really is. As I talked about it many times previously, femininity is to pay attention to your feeling to sit back and relax and being at present moment while men are trying to prove you that he is strong enough to take care of you. Feminine energy has a leadership quality to create healthy boundaries in a relationship. However, many of you are having difficulty understanding this concept. Or even afraid to have boundaries and worry that he might leave you if you set the boundaries. And you ask me that what is really it means when I say you have to sit back and be vulnerable as well as to be a strong independent woman. How? Yes, you can be! It’s much easier than you think. So let me clarify about the femininity.

Where most of you getting wrong about this concept is this: You use muscling (smothering) energy into the love relationship as to try to prove men that you are a good woman or working hard woman or superwoman when you are not necessary to prove him any of it! Yet, I don’t say that you have to act like bitchy or silly or careless either. What I’ve meant is that you don’t have to use masculinity to try to fix things in a relationship. At the same time, I don’t say that muscling energy you have is bad either. Those energies are very useful when you are doing your own things to take care you, work, or raise your children, but not with a man you love. The confusing part is that you have to be able to switch the energy toward a man and your responsibilities. Women who work hard as equal as men do seem to have difficulty in this area. If that’s you, you can particularly learn how to bring out your femininity to form a balanced love relationship.

Also, many of you may think that femininity is a sexy look in the way how she looks or sounds or though it’s weak, unsure of things, or just the sound of foreign. Femininity is not just looks, sounds, or unsure of things. Actually, Femininity is a strong inner quality of women which ability in paying attention to herself and noticing and feeling of others. Just like our society genetically used to be formed as women to stay home and take care of the house and children while men are hunting in the bushes for the suppers, women needed to be strong and creative to feed the family with what she was given while he hunts. I always teach my clients about this concept as one of the important skills to learn because strong feminine energy attracts great strong muscling energy which will bring women offers.

So ladies, sit back and learn from me how to be feminine! Below are the tips on how to be a quality feminine woman.

Attention to your feelings as it’s your priority – When you are with your man, look into your feelings at the moment of time to question yourself that “is he good enough for me?” Ask how you are feelings and questions these. Does he make you feel secure? Does he make you feel good? Do you feel the butterfly in your stomach whenever he contacts you? Does he make you relax and protected? Does he make you a special woman? Does he make you feel lifted up in the air? Those are the exact questions you have to ask yourself to see how He REALLY makes you FEEL and to define the qualities in him.

Centering yourself to be vulnerable and have healthy boundaries – Just noticing things about you; what you want; who you want; where you want to go; what you want to do; what you are looking for in the relationship; be specific as possible. If you don’t express any of it, he is not able to find the way to make you happy and smile. Many of strong women have a problem with being vulnerable worrying that he will leave you if you have boundaries. It’s opposite for the great muscling men and it is very healthy in the relationship! Great quality men love to know what you want so that he can take action for you. You can sit back and see what he does for you. Make sure to follow this tip so that you can identify if he is the right kind of a great muscling man for you.

Be receptive, nurture, and soft – When I say that femininity is not just looks or sounds, here are the inner qualities you need for the feminine energy. It’s best to be the best of your feminine looks and sounds (most natural feminine women have those) but you also have to be aware of these inner feminine qualities. To bring out these qualities, you can practice first and second tips, so that you can be authentic to find your femininity, which the way to sit back and paying attention to what you care and love the most. When men give you something you asked or tell you something nice or take action to do your favor for you, you can receive it and express your appreciation for him. appreciation is like the airway for men in a relationship, which is the mission of him why he does like he does.

I hope I clarify for you what is the feminine and how to become a quality feminine superwoman. I wish you enjoyed learning from me. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me a message, comment, or place a session with me!

Love Coach Riyo 💙 in LOVE

Control 4 Hormones Psychologically to Lose Weight? (Within 1 Month!)

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The summertime is coming and it’s so exciting. We can be under the sunshine wearing a bikini on the beach spreading our wings to hop in the ocean! I know many of you begin to work out for the weight loss from earlier this year. As I said in the previous post, working out too hard is not so effective to lose weight. Actually, muscles are much heavier than fat, so as you work out more, your body turning the fat into muscles, and this does not make differences with weights. Work out is good for metabolism, lifting mode, and toning, which I recommend to do as it’s a part of the weight loss.

If you really wanna lose weight to fit slim in the pretty bikini, you have to switch your daily mentality in the balance as well. It’s not just following the diet plan I talked about last week. If you really want to feel good under your own skin naturally to lose weight, you have to think all-inclusive, work out, meal plan, and mentality, in a balance. If you are focusing on your well being to know what’s good for you, your body switches the hormone functions to change in your favor.

For instance, when you are hungry, your hunger is coming from the signals from your brain. This is why some people have bad eating habit because they don’t know how to control it, which is controllable when you know how. As I have been talking about dietary, excises, and behavior modules to control insulin level in your body for the problem such as obesity. To manage those, there are 4 hormones need to adjust it to send the signals psychologically to your body system to lose weight.

There is a psychological invention to lose weight by using the scientific method. If you had tried many types of diet excises, and it never worked for you, you can try the psychological invention way of excises adding to your dietary you’ve learned previously. You can find out more and learn from the link below.

If anyone tried it, I would like to know how it went for you. And as I always say, if you still have difficulty dieting and weight loss by yourself, message me, make comment, and or place a session with me!

Health Coach Riyo 🌹 in Joy