How to be A Leader and Feminine to Attract Men

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Have you ever thought you want to be an attractive woman who can instantly make everybody’ eyes staring at you as you first step into the room? Follow my steps and you can! Last week, you learned that your attraction comes from how confident you are as knowing your values and how authentic you are (See the last post). You also learned that you need to sit back and relax to keep the feminine energy (see previous posts). However, I hear many of you (most of the women 7 out of 10 women), once you getting into a relationship, you become lie back to let men take all reins. Then you come to me and tell me that your relationship is not working out in few months after all. I’ve seen many women giving away her values in a relationship that way.

It’s always good to go with a flow for a while but there always is a balance that you need in a relationship. First of all, your man fell in love with who you were when you first met him! So, why would he treat you as same when you are becoming out of control and losing your self-esteem? Before you stay in the comfort zone to rely on him for every bit of activities, you have to keep yourself as primary and know what you really want for yourself. I know great men love taking charge of women for many things but not for everything. A GREAT man has lots to offer for the relationship, and he usually feels responsible than women do, so he wants a woman who keeps herself up for who she really is. He loves a woman who is not losing herself even after being exclusive.

I know as a woman, we were raised to asking people permission for what you can do and what you’re allowed doing and you feel less valued or not worthy of respect. However, when it comes down to responsibility, you still are responsible for who you are, so why you ask for validation of who you are and what you want? Men never are attracted to women who he is fully in control and that he thinks she needs him to be fully happy. Because you cannot depend on others for your own happiness, you are the one only knowing what you want. So it’s best for women to learn how to be a leader and feminine (not the politic or anything). Being a leader means to be Self-Confident and to Take Total Control of Yourself even in a Relationship with a Man you Love!

If you are a leader, you are confident enough to ask questions when you needed and tell what you really want out of the relationship. Even if you are not perfect, if you take charge of your feelings and know yourself and being able to express what you want naturally and authentically, men would respect you who you are and help you with what you want. Remember you are worthy of respect as a woman and there are so many GREAT men out there that are masculine and knowing how to respect women. Believe me, if you are too depending on men, he will tell you opposite of things from what he truly feels without thinking about anything. And the relationship goes all wrong for what you’ve heard. At this point, he no longer has respect for you, it’s more likely the stage where attraction has died out.

This is why I always say it’s so important for you to have what you love for yourself and keep doing. You don’t need his permission for that and don’t do things just to try to please him. You have your total control of yourself for who you are and do what you love so that he can feel like you are still the same person when he first met you. Remember, you were enjoying your life before you met him, so you don’t have to change and stop what you are doing only because you are in a relationship with him. This is how you keep your own values and higher power of being a leader. You are becoming an unbreakable attractive woman who he can trust.

Your Self-Confidence attracts everyone around you and it’s the way of being a leader and feminine in a healthy relationship. You will realize how empowering it is that you live in your own rules and there is nothing you are relying on to validate yourself. When you are a natural leader, things are turning on your favor and life always makes things easier for you. As I always mention this, because this is a very important part: if you aim your positive energy for yourself as a leader, you only attract and bring more positive people to you. This is why I teach how to be a leader, a confident woman, step-by-step in my program.

If you are still not getting the relationship you want to attract great men, I teach these methods in my love improvement program so that you can be more attractive to get the kind of relationship you want. So gift yourself to send me a message, make comments, and book a session with me!

Love Coach Riyo 💕 in Love

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How to bring your Higher Power with Meditation – Gift to you

How to bring your Higher Power with Meditation – Gift to you

Meditation is a very important method to connect self wth the heart to know what you truly feel and desire. It’s the way to bring out your true self to define the authentic self at the most present moment. When you feel stuck, you can connect with your little self inside of you to communicate with your deepest core to know what “you” truly feel and want.

Follow my meditation practice to connect with self.

1) close your eyes, sit down deeply in a chair relaxing your legs and arms (your feet are staying comfortably on the floor, arms are either hanging on the side of you or any positions you feel comfortable with or relax)

2) take deep breath, keep this breath throughout the meditation process (inhale 5 seconds with positive thoughts coming into your body to your heart, exhale 10 seconds with any negative thoughts out of your body)

3) feel a moment, think of the universe sending you higher energy (you feel the energy surrounding you and bring the energy through your fingers travel to arms to the legs, you can feel and control the energy circulating into your body and out of the body)

4) move your both hands to your heart press and hold it gently, feel you are protected by the energy and try to locate your safe place where you feel most comfortable with (feel and send the energy from the universe reach to your heart to meet your little self inside of your heart and let her/him touch, stay, and feel, and let her/him know it’s safe for her/him)

5) tell and repeat yourself, I am safe, I am lovable, I am beautiful, everything would be fine with me. I am loved, I am protected, I am taken care of by the energy from universe surrounding me, everything would be fine with me. Tell her/him that “I love you” many times to let her/him know you love her/him.

6) imagine and visualize anything you want at the moment of time of meditation to know “you” and feel the energy as much as you want to enjoy visualizing who you see yourself and what you wish.

Enjoy and love yourself! I promise this to you: no matter what kind of hardship you are facing at this moment, you will be provided and given what you always wanted. So do not give up your thoughts at the best of your wish. I provide much effective meditation for someone who wants to bring out potential higher power. Set your session with coach Riyo if you ever wondered to find out who you really are!

Heath Coach Riyo

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Feminine Rule

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