Why Perfect, Beautiful, Intelligent Women Fail for Love? Here is Why!

angels japan: Why Perfect, Beautiful, Intelligent Women Fail for Love? Here is Why!

Hi, My Beautiful people in my community! This week went by so fast for me, I feel blessing enough for everything I have around me. I’ve been speaking with beautiful ladies in my community left and right lately regarding the love relationship that frustrates them. I know how exactly they feel and how badly they want in their way because they are so in love. I know that. Because I’d been there. I know how they are going through. This is why I love to talk to you guys to teach you how the love relationship works!

As I talk to them, I see all of the ladies look beautiful and they are extremely intelligent. I can tell that they have their own desire and have confidence in what they do and at the same time, they are also very caring. How could these perfect, beautiful, successful, and intelligent ladies are suffering for a relationship?! It’s our world wonder right!? What’re missing to those perfect strong women?! See, ladies, this is where your self-love practice takes the important role…

If you say yes it’s me, I know the mistakes you have been making and that you are blind in LOVE! I know how much you love your man. I know you want the best in the relationship and you do anything to make the relationship successful. You spend more energy and time and even money on your man, and this desperate circulation eventually begins to leak down the drain like there is a hole in a relationship. And you tell me how much you have done for him and that now you feel miserable. Watch out ladies, when you are in love, you don’t see what’s good and bad for you. You are obsessed and ignoring your very own needs and feelings inside you.

For example, one of my clients had met a guy that so cute and fun. He seemed very responsible and talk to her about marriage. She thought she found a perfect man that is matching everything to a man of her dream. But after a few months of dating, his attitude quickly fade off, he became distant and lost interest in her. She began to work hard trying to make him hers. She pays for their date, trip, vacation, birthday, and everything they do together. And she comes to me and tells me that she understands that he is struggling for his work…

See, ladies, I know you feel that helping him keeping him, but he is still a man, and he always wants to impress as a man! You are taking the driver seat and begin to drive him where you want to go..that’s not exciting for a man! Men never like to be controlled nor to belittle. If HE ever asks you for money or nags about his work, he is not treating you like a woman but maybe a mother or a manfriend. Men would never show a woman weakness in that area in finance when especially you both are single status in the relationship. If he ever says that to you, you should take it as he is not able to take care of you. Would you still want to see him as a potential man to happily marry him in the future if that’s what you want?

Long years ago before I practice self-love, I was one of you. When my first child was born and I began working on a job to feed my baby, my partner at the time became very aggressive and abusive to me. During two years of struggles, I became a survivor of domestic violence. After all, I quickly escaped to Hollywood California to protect my child away from any harm. I began my own Talent agency to serve for the needs of others and to support myself and my child, and I felt awful for my boyfriend at the time for having a baby that’s not his. So I tried and work hard to make it up for him in the relationship. Therefore I attracted a wrong type of guy who won’t serve as a man enough or who take an advantage of my weakness.

It took many years for me to find that everything creates from how much you know and having a close relationship within yourself. You must see yourself and love yourself unconditionally for any parts that you feel insecure about.

As I was doing so, everything else fell into the places without any hardship. A great kind man began rescuing me to teach me about how man is for women. My lovely man is a good example. He is always a king and prince charming to me. He is kind, funny, cute, sexy, dependable, a big supporter to worry about things happening around me, leader, extremely intelligent, and most of all, he is safe. You want a man that you can respect and not something to complain about. You want a man that you can always agree with no matter what he does or says.

So when my clients begin to complain about their man, I will be wondering and say “are you sure you love him when you don’t like something about him and you try to change him who he is not?” I am not saying here that you must love the whole baggage that comes with him. If you can’t accept him who he is, what he needs, and what he loves in his own way, you have no way of giving him a respect that he needs. This is where a basic of love relationship lay and you want it solid as much as you can.

When you face the problem, this is where I coach around to support the ladies to be in a center of own heart to have self-awareness of themselves. This does not mean that you are going to be selfish and just focus on your own world. You want to pay attention to your very own feelings in an authentic way what you truly need to connect to the universe…

I hope you understand some of the important concepts of love. This is why I always encourage my clients to work on self-love practice at the beginning of my love improvement program, and it always works well with them! I want you to know more about it and I want you to find the true love of your life. Trust me, when he pops up in your life, you will notice him in no time that he is the one!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message, make a comment, and place a session with me! I am here to help you improve your love life!

Love Coach Riyo 🚀 with LOVE

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How to Effectively Communicate with Great High Quality Man

angels japan communication love couple

Beautiful ladies in my community…I have been blessing enough to keep up with my work lately, being busy with preparing for serving a broadcasting request as well as writing and dealing with primary business deals to others. Even though I get extremely busy, talking with my community is my primary thing to do for me because it is my happiness that some of my clients or viewers are having gradually getting succeeded for what they want! So, please listen and keep coming back to learn the methods for getting happier life! Today, I love to talk about how to communicate with your man you love as I promised last week!

Effective communication in love relationship is something you want to pay attention to to keep your love relationship happy. Because this is where most people make mistake and coming to me. If you want to get attention to the great high-quality men to commit with you, you got to learn this! So that you can connect with your man with a deeper level of understanding because men and women psychology are different. So make sure to not talk or chat to your man like same way you do with one of your girlfriends or just friends!

Of course, you don’t have to stress about it appsolutely because you are on the process of self-love at all time, remember? And make sure to know that self-love is not your own selfish world ladies! If you have not learned my basic self-love practice, and you wonder why you consistently keep hurting yourself in the relationships, you should read my previous blogs and learn about it because those will be extremely important for anything you do to get a great love relationship in your life. Because you have to practice deep understanding within yourself before you think or bring others into your life.

Once you have settled with who you truly are, let’s think of having a great deeper relationship with a man you LOVE for your life. Any men’s psychologies would work as same no matter how you tried, so you don’t want to keep making same mistakes and expect that some men would make different. So you have to admit the fact that you should learn to change your situation to effectively communicate with your man because no other education provides this. You are the smart women that are here to learn this.

If you think about when you are talking to your girlfriends, you realize that the conversation goes very quickly and naturally left and right freely and there is no misunderstanding in between two of you. This is normal for women and this is how we release stress to have emotional connections by communicating. But men don’t work as women do. Men need time to digest and think through before responding because they communicate as what’s necessary at the time. They don’t think that they need to communicate if there is nothing happening. Because men are ACTION TAKER and love to lead, and they are not communicator as women are.

So when you are the one is a chaser and tending to always contact him, just wait patiently and give him space to respond, and not disrupt or assume or overthink while you are waiting till he responds you back so that he has enough time to think about it as well as to give him the sense of respect.

Most of the time, it’s important for men to talk and for women to listen because when men allow you for emotional connection, he talks about him to tell many signs of his desires and needs. And when he does, you want to respect what he says and believe him. You don’t want to overthink or try to correct him. Because he wants to be who he is and he will discuss with you when he wants you in the picture. So ask more about what he loves and feels when you are with him.

No matter what he said, he wants you to trust him and believe in him. This attitude shows how much respect you have for him. Don’t put him down or deny what he is telling you. You accept as how he is and not to fight or change or judge or downplay on him for what he says. Because if you don’t have respect for him, he will go to someone who can listen and respect for his emotional connection.

When you are with your man on daily bases, most of the women begins to smothering men instead of nurturing him. This means to tell a man what to do or care like he is one of your children. Men love to do in his own way and he doesn’t want another mother other than his own! He is a grown man and doesn’t want to be treated like a little boy. So if something concerns you, ASK HIM how he feels and not to tell him, and even if you don’t agree with him, let him be!

Lastly, if you want something with him, everything needs to be obvious to him. Men don’t read women mind ladies! You can not expect him to figure what you want and believe that he picks up on something that you haven’t asked directly. Your girlfriends may but not with him. So don’t be afraid to tell your man what you exactly want from him because men simply want to make his woman happy. If you told what you want, and he is not able to feed you the way you want, don’t nag or repeat the same thing. Remember, if you are practicing self-love, you will know what to do at this point to get what you want.

There are much more to talk about this topic, but as always, I’m going too long on this. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send me messages, make comments, and or place a session with me! I know you deserve the best love relationship you always desire and you want men that love you more as much as you do. Trust me on this one: a good loving relationship begins with you from how much you love and know yourself within…I wish you all have a happy healthy relationship and I am here for you!

Love Coach Riyo 🦒 with LOVE

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How to Increase Trust and Intimacy to Keep Your Love of Your Life

angels japan loving couple

Hey, My Beautiful people in my community! I’ve been talking with lots of ladies recently about their problems in their relationship and that I see many of you are all up in the head going forward than men do…I know exactly why you feel the way you do. You want your emotional connection and fulfillment to be sure that your man is listening to you and there for you at all time. You text him and be up under him all day long every day smothering and depending on him to lead the relationship the way you want. Then you over think and try to analyze everything he said and does when he is not contacting you or away from you. I see many of my clients are worrying and focusing on relationship rather than being center of loving self to make yourself happy and prioritize your emotional connection within yourself.

Meantime, men are totally focusing on what he needs to get done (working or hanging with men friends) and that he believes you are happy with your self and expecting him back to you while he is away from you. This is where I always teach my clients to be centered and focus on self because men need enough space to make a move in a relationship. Your man can take enough breath and settle with his thoughts as you are being receptive and sit back and relax instead of going up in the head over men. Every time when you complain to him about why he is not paying attention to you, he will lose his confidence in you as a woman who he can trust to safely come back to. He needs soft and receptive energy to be landed. And he wants you to stay as a happy completed person who he can always trust without losing his own space, time, needs, and freedom.

So, let me guide you more on this. When you are up in the head thinking and leading the relationship, you are using muscling energy. Just as I always say, you got to leave your muscling energy to the work you do and not to your men and love relationship! Nature made men and women for the reason. Women are to be receptive and men to be the force in a relationship. This does not mean that you have to hold or wait or escape from the relationship. This means to have healthy loving and boundary in the relationship and tell him the way it is to express your true feeling and not to bring out the anger or nag. When you express your boundary and he is not able to follow through and keep disappointing you, you might have to to find a matching man that is fit with your own needs.

Most of the time, men clients tell me that they don’t understand why women are complaining. They have never meant at all to leave her or forget about her. He has his own separate life and that he expects her to well handle her own life as well. So if you complain, you actually push him away further. It’s all about trust and intimacy (in-to-me-I-see) in the relationship. If there are, he is trying his best to make it up to you to make you happy the way you want. Don’t think so negative or focusing on him and the relationship and instead prioritize your own happiness just as your man wishes you to be! So, believe him and trust him to make it up to you because he will if you give him a chance.

Trust me, LOVE will not go anywhere when you believe that you are lovable and that you give total 100% love to yourself. When he fell in love with you at the very beginning of the relationship, he had committed to you and told you that he cares and needs you in the relationship, so believe him! There is no way to break that feeling in him no matter if you break up with him once or twice or more. You weren’t just a friend, you are his love. You are the source of his emotional connection and support and inspiration he needs (when you give him a chance to). He will never forget you but instead, when the time he is away from you, he is working on being toward you as a completed happy man. He is thinking of you and missing you when you are not up in his head all over around him. So trust him in that process of love and love yourself!

I’ve seen many success stories of couples made long-term LOVE relationship and marriage. If you have to work hard and chase your man and be up under him everywhere, this is not that type of the relationship you can keep for a long-term love relationship. You may have his attention for a short period of the time, but it does not make it to the long-term marriage. So to avoid the rebounding relationship, you search for the people who have the similar situation and experiences where both can understand. For example of movie actors and actresses: you see how the powerful couples are working and making money together and falling in love together. And they tend to have the matching rolls and looks that attract each other and many of other. This way, you don’t have to be frightening just to make a relationship work. The relationship should flow easily to get what both want in their life.

So let your natural energy flows in the way you are gifted from the universe and lets him be free and lead the way he wishes. If you are able to trust his process and accept the way it is in the relationship, look into yourself (intimacy) and center your own feeling in the relationship and let the man universe gifted you guides you the way of love. And don’t fight! Next week, I would love to talk about how to effectively communicate with men you love. My busy week begins and I wrote too long on this blog because I love to talk to you guys. If you have any questions, or currently you are having a difficult time with your relationship, send me messages, make a comment, and place a session with me!

To those who are a father, Happy Father’s Day!

Love Coach Riyo 🦕 with LOVE

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How to Identify Your Great Potential Partner for Your Love Life – Tips and Signs

angels japan woman to take care

Beautiful people in my community…I am still taking my vacation and I am enjoying people’s company! Over the weekend, I went out and watched few movies outdoor by the River and Beach. Also, Puerto Rican Parade was running with horses in my blocks yesterday. So, busy weekend like this, I feel to just put my feet up and relax tonight…I really wish everyone enjoyed this weekend too. People in the city do everything outdoors in the summertime such as watching movies, BBQing, doing Yoga, Workout, and even sleeping! It’s time for you to totally be open and let your energy go in and out naturally. Let your energy releases so that you can allow yourself in the summer flow.

Today, I will love to talk about how you can identify a great potential partner for your love life and if your guy is good for you. Because I’ve seen many of my clients are so focused on love. I understand that and I want you to be happy in love. And I know how some relationship turns out to be toxic mentally and physically to withdraw your energy and everything you have, so I want you to learn and be aware of the signs of an unhealthy relationship. So that you can let go and find a right person for you. I promise that when you find that person, you will notice how everything workout naturally and easy for both of you. You don’t have to fight, rush, or worry about your current situation now, and let your awareness handle it. This is the area many of you get frustrated because most of you have heartbroken before and you don’t allow yourself to make things easy and available. So I am here to help.

For example, one of my clients, she thought she found a perfect guy for her. He is cute and fun and very kind to her every time she meets him. However, his time for her is always restricted and she never knows what the future hold will be with him. She wants to get more attention from him. Therefore she begins to try harder and harder in the relationship. In the beginning, she simply wanted to find a man of her life, but now she is investing more time and energy and everything she has onto something he desires that she is not truly interested in. But she acts like she is with it because she is so obsessed with being with him. All she knows is to give all herself up to separate from her true desires just to be with him. Ladies! If this is you, you got to keep yourself up and together with YOURSELF!

Here is the problem. If you are in love with someone nothing but chemistry, you might be caught up with a difficult love relationship in an unconscious level, and once you stuck in that relationship, it might gonna take years to break up to get hurt, and you need another years to heal from heartbroken or otherwise, you forever keep having rebound relationships to hurt yourself and another. But don’t worry, you are not alone for this. If you want to stop the bad rebound relationships cycle, you got to learn to be aware of yourself to pay attention to your true feelings and hold for what you are and desire.

Believe me, if he is the right guy for you, he will give himself to make everything right for you without making you worry about any of your needs or wants.

The few tips and signs of the healthy and unhealthy love relationship are below. For someone, maybe it is difficult to believe, but if you experience the negative signs of those, you should move on to someone who makes you complete your life and not a part of your life.

She can be her own light without depending on men for her own happiness. As being a relationship with him, her life is going better and settled automatically. For instance, if she is tied up with full of things to do due to the relationship and that suffers her lifestyle, she is lacking her own needs and taking and investing too much on a relationship. In that case, she is not able to truly be happy or make a relationship happy, because she needs enough space and time for herself to be so.

Her life is settled and relaxed and she can enjoy things she wants outside of a relationship. She is calm and has no up and down emotional lifestyle. If she is consistently complaining or contacting him to smother him and worry about what he is doing, it cannot be a healthy relationship. In the healthy love relationship, she doesn’t have to worry about him if he calls her or when to text her. She totally trusts him for everything he does and he will be the one to worry about her.

She knows her self-value and worth and not afraid to tell her true desires of a love relationship. If she is acting like she is enjoying everything with him when she truly is not, it’s not a healthy relationship. For instance, she has her own responsibility or other appointments or other desires, but if he calls or asks for something, she does everything to make it up to his as a priority instead of her own. In the healthy relationship, she cannot lose herself to give out her own values and worth.

If you experience any of those signs and the relationship affects your lifestyle as going down the hills, you should be aware that it’s not for you. If any of those men make you feel like it is your obligation to excuse yourself and needs, he is not one for you. If you are being needy and desperate for his love and you have difficulty keeping yourself up, he is not for you. I know you think you love him and that you feel he is the one because he makes you feel good when he is with you, but your feelings and emotion don’t lie and this is the reason you cannot be totally comfortable in the relationship. So learn to be honest with yourself instead of frightening because if he is the one, none of the frustration will be in the pictures.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to message me, make a comment, or place a session with me! I am here to make your love life successful!

Love Coach Riyo 🍍 with LOVE

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How to Make Online Profile to Find A Man of Your Dream – Tips and Guides

angels japan matching tattoos

My beautiful ladies in my community… today, I love to talk about how to make dating online profile to attract the right men you want. I know how it’s tough and complicated for many people to find one that really matches with you and your lifestyle and not to stuck with someone in a merry-go-round cycle. So, I want you to show yourself properly on your online profiles in the digital world because now and days people search people through online. Psychologically, people will stick with the impression from online profile instead of actually meeting in person. So make sure that you are telling how you want them to know about you in an authentic way.

Before I go into the detail, over this weekend, you may be spent your time with your boyfriend, or alone, or with your family, or at work, or studying, or maybe you went out with your girlfriends for fun. In either case, I wish that you had a quality time for yourself and that you are happy with yourself.

Because the first thing I want you to be sure is that you are happy with yourself who you are right now more than 100%! Even though your life is maybe not perfect, are you accepting the things and be loving and easy to yourself? Are you possessing love, happiness, peace within yourself? Once you define your true SELF-LOVE, the man of your true love comes you, I promise. Otherwise, if you are always being unhappy, nagging, and or complaining, you can’t make anybody happy nor expect anyone to provide it for you for the long-term. Remember, your happiness is your responsibility. Your own happiness is the key to the long-term relationship. So at least you know that, let’s talk about how to make a dating profile to attract right people for you! Here are the tips.

Men LOVE happy women, ladies! Any county you go, any people you see, no matter you speak their language or not, a SMILE is the happy verbal communication. When your profile has a high value and seems full of happiness for who you really are authentically, it attracts only high valued authentic men. It is important to present who you are in real life and show happy photos of yourself with a beautiful smile! Remember, no one caring about your insecurity so don’t hesitate. The smile shows how much you IDENTIFY, KNOW, and LOVE YOURSELF. The point here is to know yourself and be an authentic and open heart.

Post more than 5 pictures to show who you are and your interests. For instance, show your hobbies such as in the gym working out, cooking, eating out, hiking, kayaking, boating, bowling, fishing, dancing, and taking trips to the places. Don’t be a boring person with a lot of same selfies. And describe what you love to do and what you want to try, so then the matching men who have same interests will approach you to ask you out. The best way is to state specifically so that he knows what you love and that he will know how he can lead you to make you happy.

The memo here is that if you are showing your sexy photographs, that’s what you are presenting for and that’s what you are asking for. So if you have a beautiful body that you want to show off, fine! Go right ahead, but you must know what you are presenting and clarify your mind about it. Also, many men don’t read your profile and just talk to you by looking at your photos, so I recommend to not take everything personally.

State and describe anything specifically what you want and won’t accept. For instance, if you are enjoying your freedom of simple single lifestyle and want to find someone who is special for you to share that with you, state it. For example, if you’ve never been married, no kids, and happy where you are at, state that you want someone with the same condition fairly. This tells your value and worth which shows your beautiful boundary, so do not hesitate to say what you want and what you don’t accept. If you state clearly enough, you avoid lots of hassle and time talking or interrupted by men that basically you do not match.

For example, this week just passed by, I bought a mountain bike I LOVE. (I grew up riding it and haven’t ridden it for over 21 years now…) This originally began with the conversation at my very first date with my loving man. We kept at conversation since, and we never took action for it. He recently asked me if I still like to ride and decided to purchase his own, and he reminded me to get it as well. Now I AM in LOVE with my bike. See, this kind of a sensitive and strong man you all need everyone!!! He remembers any little things you say and leads you to action when you totally forgot. He makes you smile and feel to show off how happy you are. For the reason, I really appreciate him for all he does from my heart. People may notice me as very fast but I am actually very slow in relationship and marriage until I met this man, so ladies, make sure to choose a man that cares for you and makes you feel happy ever in your life!

So back to what I was talking about how important for you to state your boundary, I’ve seen many successful couples who have the same type of past love experiences such as marriage and love life. For example, if you had long-term marriage and have kids, and a man you are dating has same situation, he understands you very well with equivalent level and needs. This way, two can help each other for a better relationship. Everything is a balance in the relationship. So don’t hesitate to state what you desire for your matching love.

So I tell you, a right man for you knows how to make you happy, complete, and open in front of everyone. If something does not serve your love requirements in a relationship, you should move on earliest as you notice.

If you follow these tips, I guarantee you find your perfect match in no time! If you express in the way authentically who you really are, what you accept, you have right attention from right men. So please don’t limit yourself and express what you deserve. If you need more dating tips and or you are currently frustrating with your love life, feel free to send me a message, make a comment, or place a session with me! I am here to help you with your happy love life.

Love Coach Riyo 💜 with LOVE

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How to Identify Your Soulmate and Keep Your Love Life Last Forever

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Happy Memorial Day Everyone! Last week, I was talking about the importance of making time and creating your love life. So this week, I would like you to learn how to keep your love life forever. Because I want you to realize that your soulmate exists and he is there waiting for you to give you smile! What you need is to be conscious of yourself and notice him. When you are being authentic and being present, that’s the time he finds you and comes close you. (check my previous blogs)

Many of you thinking that marriage is not easy. Some of you are emotionally unavailable and you may don’t even notice that you are. Then you subconsciously chose same emotionally unavailable men who are difficult for a relationship just to avoid marriage or serious relationship. Maybe your love relationships weren’t successful in the past or people around you are having a difficulty with their marriage. If this is you, you need to change your belief. You may be trying to avoid getting hurt again but you are actually doing backward. So this is the time for you to learn and be conscious about yourself to get your forever love life! Don’t worry, I teach you how to identify that person in my love improvement program!

When you look at a best love relationship, two of you are able to bring best out by being partnered. The best couple does not need other people’s ideas or validations to be the best. The two can create a beautiful harmony naturally without trying too hard. For instance, his life mission such as work is set up comfortably and his manhood is going well by being with her. She is being her best by owning her own happiness and she can continuously be so by being with him. They can be the best version of who potentially be. Their relationship is consistent and both are on the same page of life.

This type of win-win relationship is healthy for anyone around. In a healthy relationship, there are no pieces of a puzzle that are unsolvable. They can support each other to fulfill their needs and wants. Thier life can be easier and uplifted without any difficulty. Most of the successfully married couples I’ve seen have a similar lifestyle and having the same type of past relationships, and they are balanced and understanding each other.

When it comes to the interests, it is not necessary to have same interests because two can learn from each other. For example, I became a fitness trainer because my loving man taught me how to use my ab slide. I used to love doing a workout when I was young but I forgot to enjoy those things. So he helped me to bring me out to fulfill my life. Exchange of that, I can always encourage him for his mission (such as his successful career) and what he loves to do (such as traveling) to set him be free. Some caring like that help to uplift the life in a relationship.

Many of the problems I’ve seen in dating are choosing the wrong men. Some are obsessed and some are believing that that’s what you deserve to be limited in love life. Maybe you are insecure or you don’t believe it when good men show up for your life. You have to know that you deserve a good man who loves you. So ask yourself when you meet your men if he is the right one for you. A list is below.

Does your friends and family like him? Or do they question him with second thoughts?
Do you feel good about yourself? Or do you worry that if you are doing okay with him?
Can you be an honest and authentic self to him? Or are you hiding your emotion and true feeling to him?
Do you love yourself when you are with him? Or are you worrying something else or feeling that if you are not enough?

If you want a forever love life with your soulmate, those questions should be answered yes for the positive ones. If you feel guilty, lied to, or feeling bad for any negativity in the relationship, that’s the indication that you have to think if you are with right one. I teach more in my love improvement program what you can exactly do for your love life. I love to talk about it to guide you how you can exactly find one and keep the right one forever. If you have any difficulty or questions, feel free to message me, make a comment, or join my love improvement program! I am here to support your love life.

Love Coach Riyo 🌸 with LOVE

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How to Find Your Love of Your Life (Soulmate) – For Mother’s Day

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Today is Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to beautiful mothers out there! She is kind, loving, nurture, and feminine; a role model of the foundation to everyone in a family. I hope that all of the mothers are getting full of love and gifts from the loved ones. I know being a mother is tough with its incredible responsibilities. I also a mother and I know how it reflects your lifestyle in career and love relationship especially if you are a single mother. So today, I dedicate to the hardworking single mothers who are in the search for love.

There is the time maybe you have difficulty being able to meet guys you wanted, having the career you wanted, freeing yourself to travel as you wanted when you don’t have proper help from anyone. Or some of you are too busy building your career and you never had a chance to focus on your love life. You feel guilty about last relationship or marriage and depress when you think about next one. Your heart is closed off and feels that you never be enough, stuck in the old pattern and belief that you never are able to get a happy stable love relationship that you want. If you ever thought so, don’t worry, it’s never too late to get a love you want no matter how old you are and what kind of relationship you had in the past. You are perfectly fine who you are right now and your perfect matching soulmate is right there if your heart is open to accept and realize about yourself. When you get coaching in my love improvement program, you get a key to unlock the way to him in no time! You will be amazed how he pops out in your life suddenly.

Now, please face the current shape of our society. American divorce rate is now 50% of total marriages. If you think about it, you know how our children are raised in a dysfunctional family and seeing parents separation. We are creating the bad circumstance and this directly affecting our new generation. I take this problem seriously. Because children are witnessing broken family from parents and not knowing how to love someone and keep the love. They grew up believing that they will lose their loved ones one day soon or later. They will carry depression and negativity thoughts about a relationship. As long as they believe it, this problem consists to disable a happy long-term love relationship and marriage. I’ve seen many emotionally unavailable people even getting married unconsciously to form an unhealthy marriage life. I know they try to do what they see on TV or the parents. They don’t really know how to connect their heart in the relationship to truly be in love, because they never learned that. So they tend to show only emotional drama part of it. Nobody really teaches us how the love works. So it’s not your fault if you ever experienced bad relationships before. This is why you are here to learn how love works scientifically and consciously. And it’s my work to get your dreamed love.

When you see where you made mistake in your love life, you mirror your parents. You notice that your parents suffer in the same area that you fell. You hated your parents’ mistake, yet you realized you had no choice in avoiding the same mistake. Then you feel you never want to repeat the cycle, especially your children to suffer from it. How can you stop this? How can you be open heart again to a man? Who is perfect for you and your children? Let me help you step-by-step on this one! See, soulmate love is like a matching puzzle. When you meet the one of your life, it’s all fitting naturally and the both of stories makes sense. You don’t have to struggle for a long time to go on the relationship. When it happens to you, I want you to be aware of it, and not to miss it, fight it, nor afraid of it! So stop complaining about past and open your heart to let the love of your life in your life. As you work on improving your love life, you can be aware of everything about yourself and relationships. Follow my basic practice below.

Forgive and forget anything about past relationship. When you carry around negativities and seeing your past life as bad ones, it never makes you feel good about yourself. I am sure you had many beautiful moments and love in the past relationships. Think positive and talk positively about you and your past love relationships. If this is impossible for you, rather not think or talk about it.

Always with gratitude for what you have at this moment and keep them close. Appreciate your beautiful children and your family and close friends who are always there for you. Express your feelings with them and love them back as much as you can! They know about you than you think, they are the indicator to see what you do and say are right or wrong. If you make them sad or mad, something you do or say need to be changed.

Keep everything light and happier. Don’t over think to try to analyze things you have no control over. If you are in the relationship and you are not happy, you move on. Don’t be obsessed with anyone. Nobody is forcing you to be in the relationship you are not happy with. Remember, a relationship is to make you happier and easier, not to be miserable and difficult. There are tons of options for you once you are open to see those opportunities in your way, so stop blinding yourself with only an option.

Create your positivities and own happiness step-by-step. Take good care of yourself and what you have every day right there where you can reach. Live at the present moment to always focus on what you have a passion to do. If you are in search of love, make sure to go out and meet new people. Don’t be sitting at home and waiting for something to come or old habit of being a comfort zone. Take your children on the trip and have fun family time to create a memory of a good motherhood!

Those are the tips for those beautiful mothers. If you have any questions about a love relationship and the love improvement program, send me a message, make a comment, or place a session with me! I am happy to teach you the way to transform you and your painful relationship to the happier one.

PS: My lovely son gave me pizza pies and red and white roses, 🍕🌹 so I posted the pic on this blog. Many of you sent me a message to wish me Mother’s Day, thank you very much! 💝 I loved it and I am very thankful for your attention and support.

Love Coach Riyo 💗 in LOVE

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How to Set Boundary that’s Hot for Great Men

angels japan how to set boundary

Do you know why great quality men LOVE women with boundary? Do you know why boundary is hot for men? If you want a healthy long-term relationship and marriage with great men, you must know how to set boundaries. I’ve seen many of clients struggling with this area, so I will help out to teach you how to attract men you want. If you are afraid or don’t know how exactly to set a boundary in the relationship, you may be either attract wrong men who take advantage of you or you can’t keep great men for long-term. A setting boundary is important because it attracts great men to keep all his attention to you in a relationship and a marriage. Learn from me why it’s so important and how you can.

So, what if you always fall for everything and say YES to everybody? You are so easy and getable to people and have no strong opinions to self nor personality. You are people pleaser and every man can step over you like a doormat. You are going for men after men marriage after marriage, begin to feel that you are less valuable and insecure about yourself. After all, you might even blame on men and past relationships to avoid taking any responsibility for your part. And you become distance and emotionally unavailable to men and you only attract emotionally unavailable men and feel that you never are able to have a real relationship with healthy-minded men. If this ever happened to you, you are not alone, you got to learn to take charge of yourself!

First of all, a boundary is attractive to great men because men need challenges. You see how people will be attracted to something they don’t have and want to reach. If you are totally easy and getable for him, say yes to everything he said and lose yourself, and can’t keep yourself up, he already has you without any hardship, therefore, he loses the interest. Great men don’t want the easy way that doesn’t require work, and the required work must be something meaningful to him, not to you. I know it sounds tough to many people, I know that. But this is a proven record scientifically in the way you can prevent the wrong type of men coming around you to waste your time and you can form the healthy relationship and marriage.

For instance, one of my clients was in a distance relationship. They’d met in the street when she was traveling outside of states, and she quickly invited him to a hotel. He, of course, liked her because how she was free and fun and easy going. After her vacation is over, she began dreaming of a relationship with him. They frequently visit each other and thought they are in love. She did everything to move closer to him. After she moved, he flipped and became distant. She was confused why she loses him after she tried everything. Do you see how she is being a convenience for him? Only the part the relationship made hot is “distance” that sets “boundary” to separate each other. However, in this case, she isn’t setting the boundary, distance did, and she is the one breaking the boundary. She forgot who/where she was, instead, she became needy and settled and chased him to give all herself for her dreamed relationship.

Let’s look at another side of view. When I was living in California for 9 years and I decided to move back to New York for chasing my OWN GOAL (not men!), my ex-boyfriends chased after me to New York. They told me they are heartbroken that I left them. Now, believe it or not, I must be honest that the relationships I had with them weren’t good enough for me! And I didn’t settle for them. So do you see that “setting boundary” attracts men to chase? I was simply focusing my things for what I want. However, you have to be careful here is that making it too hard for men where he feels he cannot reach is also turn off for men. That’s because quality men are looking for great quality in women who gets his heart, not to play games or fun. A point here is that you always have to be sincere to everything you do. Worry about yourself to choose what’s good for you and be authentic who you really are! Because everything follows along if it’s meant to be.

I teach methods that you can follow and what you can exactly say and do to get your men’s attention. The program also teaches you the skills of “shining diamond” and “high angels” which your man can be awakening to realize that you are a special person and that he can’t find you elsewhere. You can have all his attention to you and only to you. He will treat you like you are a queen to be priceless princess to take care of you. Once you are in my program, you can be a woman always hearing people asking him and said, “where did you find her?!” to make him proud how special he is also!

I hope you enjoyed and it helped you to understand why setting boundary is important. I am telling too much now ready, so you feel free to ask me any questions, make comments, or place a session with me! I am here to help you get the love you want.

Love Coach Riyo 💅🏻 with LOVE

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How to Become a Quality Feminine Woman to Attract Great Quality Men

angels japan feminine women

Many of you tend to get confused about what is the femininity really is. As I talked about it many times previously, femininity is to pay attention to your feeling to sit back and relax and being at present moment while men are trying to prove you that he is strong enough to take care of you. Feminine energy has a leadership quality to create healthy boundaries in a relationship. However, many of you are having difficulty understanding this concept. Or even afraid to have boundaries and worry that he might leave you if you set the boundaries. And you ask me that what is really it means when I say you have to sit back and be vulnerable as well as to be a strong independent woman. How? Yes, you can be! It’s much easier than you think. So let me clarify about the femininity.

Where most of you getting wrong about this concept is this: You use muscling (smothering) energy into the love relationship as to try to prove men that you are a good woman or working hard woman or superwoman when you are not necessary to prove him any of it! Yet, I don’t say that you have to act like bitchy or silly or careless either. What I’ve meant is that you don’t have to use masculinity to try to fix things in a relationship. At the same time, I don’t say that muscling energy you have is bad either. Those energies are very useful when you are doing your own things to take care you, work, or raise your children, but not with a man you love. The confusing part is that you have to be able to switch the energy toward a man and your responsibilities. Women who work hard as equal as men do seem to have difficulty in this area. If that’s you, you can particularly learn how to bring out your femininity to form a balanced love relationship.

Also, many of you may think that femininity is a sexy look in the way how she looks or sounds or though it’s weak, unsure of things, or just the sound of foreign. Femininity is not just looks, sounds, or unsure of things. Actually, Femininity is a strong inner quality of women which ability in paying attention to herself and noticing and feeling of others. Just like our society genetically used to be formed as women to stay home and take care of the house and children while men are hunting in the bushes for the suppers, women needed to be strong and creative to feed the family with what she was given while he hunts. I always teach my clients about this concept as one of the important skills to learn because strong feminine energy attracts great strong muscling energy which will bring women offers.

So ladies, sit back and learn from me how to be feminine! Below are the tips on how to be a quality feminine woman.

Attention to your feelings as it’s your priority – When you are with your man, look into your feelings at the moment of time to question yourself that “is he good enough for me?” Ask how you are feelings and questions these. Does he make you feel secure? Does he make you feel good? Do you feel the butterfly in your stomach whenever he contacts you? Does he make you relax and protected? Does he make you a special woman? Does he make you feel lifted up in the air? Those are the exact questions you have to ask yourself to see how He REALLY makes you FEEL and to define the qualities in him.

Centering yourself to be vulnerable and have healthy boundaries – Just noticing things about you; what you want; who you want; where you want to go; what you want to do; what you are looking for in the relationship; be specific as possible. If you don’t express any of it, he is not able to find the way to make you happy and smile. Many of strong women have a problem with being vulnerable worrying that he will leave you if you have boundaries. It’s opposite for the great muscling men and it is very healthy in the relationship! Great quality men love to know what you want so that he can take action for you. You can sit back and see what he does for you. Make sure to follow this tip so that you can identify if he is the right kind of a great muscling man for you.

Be receptive, nurture, and soft – When I say that femininity is not just looks or sounds, here are the inner qualities you need for the feminine energy. It’s best to be the best of your feminine looks and sounds (most natural feminine women have those) but you also have to be aware of these inner feminine qualities. To bring out these qualities, you can practice first and second tips, so that you can be authentic to find your femininity, which the way to sit back and paying attention to what you care and love the most. When men give you something you asked or tell you something nice or take action to do your favor for you, you can receive it and express your appreciation for him. appreciation is like the airway for men in a relationship, which is the mission of him why he does like he does.

I hope I clarify for you what is the feminine and how to become a quality feminine superwoman. I wish you enjoyed learning from me. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me a message, comment, or place a session with me!

Love Coach Riyo 💙 in LOVE

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How to be A Leader and Feminine to Attract Men

angels japan feminine leader

Have you ever thought you want to be an attractive woman who can instantly make everybody’ eyes staring at you as you first step into the room? Follow my steps and you can! Last week, you learned that your attraction comes from how confident you are as knowing your values and how authentic you are (See the last post). You also learned that you need to sit back and relax to keep the feminine energy (see previous posts). However, I hear many of you (most of the women 7 out of 10 women), once you getting into a relationship, you become lie back to let men take all reins. Then you come to me and tell me that your relationship is not working out in few months after all. I’ve seen many women giving away her values in a relationship that way.

It’s always good to go with a flow for a while but there always is a balance that you need in a relationship. First of all, your man fell in love with who you were when you first met him! So, why would he treat you as same when you are becoming out of control and losing your self-esteem? Before you stay in the comfort zone to rely on him for every bit of activities, you have to keep yourself as primary and know what you really want for yourself. I know great men love taking charge of women for many things but not for everything. A GREAT man has lots to offer for the relationship, and he usually feels responsible than women do, so he wants a woman who keeps herself up for who she really is. He loves a woman who is not losing herself even after being exclusive.

I know as a woman, we were raised to asking people permission for what you can do and what you’re allowed doing and you feel less valued or not worthy of respect. However, when it comes down to responsibility, you still are responsible for who you are, so why you ask for validation of who you are and what you want? Men never are attracted to women who he is fully in control and that he thinks she needs him to be fully happy. Because you cannot depend on others for your own happiness, you are the one only knowing what you want. So it’s best for women to learn how to be a leader and feminine (not the politic or anything). Being a leader means to be Self-Confident and to Take Total Control of Yourself even in a Relationship with a Man you Love!

If you are a leader, you are confident enough to ask questions when you needed and tell what you really want out of the relationship. Even if you are not perfect, if you take charge of your feelings and know yourself and being able to express what you want naturally and authentically, men would respect you who you are and help you with what you want. Remember you are worthy of respect as a woman and there are so many GREAT men out there that are masculine and knowing how to respect women. Believe me, if you are too depending on men, he will tell you opposite of things from what he truly feels without thinking about anything. And the relationship goes all wrong for what you’ve heard. At this point, he no longer has respect for you, it’s more likely the stage where attraction has died out.

This is why I always say it’s so important for you to have what you love for yourself and keep doing. You don’t need his permission for that and don’t do things just to try to please him. You have your total control of yourself for who you are and do what you love so that he can feel like you are still the same person when he first met you. Remember, you were enjoying your life before you met him, so you don’t have to change and stop what you are doing only because you are in a relationship with him. This is how you keep your own values and higher power of being a leader. You are becoming an unbreakable attractive woman who he can trust.

Your Self-Confidence attracts everyone around you and it’s the way of being a leader and feminine in a healthy relationship. You will realize how empowering it is that you live in your own rules and there is nothing you are relying on to validate yourself. When you are a natural leader, things are turning on your favor and life always makes things easier for you. As I always mention this, because this is a very important part: if you aim your positive energy for yourself as a leader, you only attract and bring more positive people to you. This is why I teach how to be a leader, a confident woman, step-by-step in my program.

If you are still not getting the relationship you want to attract great men, I teach these methods in my love improvement program so that you can be more attractive to get the kind of relationship you want. So gift yourself to send me a message, make comments, and book a session with me!

Love Coach Riyo 💕 in Love

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