How to Effectively Communicate with Great High Quality Man

Beautiful ladies in my community…I have been blessing enough to keep up with my work lately, being busy with preparing for serving a broadcasting request as well as writing and dealing with primary business deals to others. Even though I get extremely busy, talking with my community is my primary thing to do for me because it is my happiness that some of my clients or viewers are having gradually getting succeeded for what they want! So, please listen and keep coming back to learn the methods for getting happier life! Today, I love to talk about how to communicate with your man you love as I promised last week!

Effective communication in love relationship is something you want to pay attention to to keep your love relationship happy. Because this is where most people make mistake and coming to me. If you want to get attention to the great high-quality men to commit with you, you got to learn this! So that you can connect with your man with a deeper level of understanding because men and women psychology are different. So make sure to not talk or chat to your man like same way you do with one of your girlfriends or just friends!

Of course, you don’t have to stress about it appsolutely because you are on the process of self-love at all time, remember? And make sure to know that self-love is not your own selfish world ladies! If you have not learned my basic self-love practice, and you wonder why you consistently keep hurting yourself in the relationships, you should read my previous blogs and learn about it because those will be extremely important for anything you do to get a great love relationship in your life. Because you have to practice deep understanding within yourself before you think or bring others into your life.

Once you have settled with who you truly are, let’s think of having a great deeper relationship with a man you LOVE for your life. Any men’s psychologies would work as same no matter how you tried, so you don’t want to keep making same mistakes and expect that some men would make different. So you have to admit the fact that you should learn to change your situation to effectively communicate with your man because no other education provides this. You are the smart women that are here to learn this.

If you think about when you are talking to your girlfriends, you realize that the conversation goes very quickly and naturally left and right freely and there is no misunderstanding in between two of you. This is normal for women and this is how we release stress to have emotional connections by communicating. But men don’t work as women do. Men need time to digest and think through before responding because they communicate as what’s necessary at the time. They don’t think that they need to communicate if there is nothing happening. Because men are ACTION TAKER and love to lead, and they are not communicator as women are.

So when you are the one is a chaser and tending to always contact him, just wait patiently and give him space to respond, and not disrupt or assume or overthink while you are waiting till he responds you back so that he has enough time to think about it as well as to give him the sense of respect.

Most of the time, it’s important for men to talk and for women to listen because when men allow you for emotional connection, he talks about him to tell many signs of his desires and needs. And when he does, you want to respect what he says and believe him. You don’t want to overthink or try to correct him. Because he wants to be who he is and he will discuss with you when he wants you in the picture. So ask more about what he loves and feels when you are with him.

No matter what he said, he wants you to trust him and believe in him. This attitude shows how much respect you have for him. Don’t put him down or deny what he is telling you. You accept as how he is and not to fight or change or judge or downplay on him for what he says. Because if you don’t have respect for him, he will go to someone who can listen and respect for his emotional connection.

When you are with your man on daily bases, most of the women begins to smothering men instead of nurturing him. This means to tell a man what to do or care like he is one of your children. Men love to do in his own way and he doesn’t want another mother other than his own! He is a grown man and doesn’t want to be treated like a little boy. So if something concerns you, ASK HIM how he feels and not to tell him, and even if you don’t agree with him, let him be!

Lastly, if you want something with him, everything needs to be obvious to him. Men don’t read women mind ladies! You can not expect him to figure what you want and believe that he picks up on something that you haven’t asked directly. Your girlfriends may but not with him. So don’t be afraid to tell your man what you exactly want from him because men simply want to make his woman happy. If you told what you want, and he is not able to feed you the way you want, don’t nag or repeat the same thing. Remember, if you are practicing self-love, you will know what to do at this point to get what you want.

There are much more to talk about this topic, but as always, I’m going too long on this. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send me messages, make comments, and or place a session with me! I know you deserve the best love relationship you always desire and you want men that love you more as much as you do. Trust me on this one: a good loving relationship begins with you from how much you love and know yourself within…I wish you all have a happy healthy relationship and I am here for you!

Love Coach Riyo 🦒 with LOVE

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