Your Heart Can Grow Even If You are Raised in Broken Family – Personal Story

My beautiful people in my community…I feel so blessed lately about how important things in my life are coming toward me and brightening me up! This is why I want you to believe yourself and do your self-love practice. When you find your own happiness and be true to yourself, you can open your heart to receive abundance of your life to learn that nothing will break you or make you unhappy in your life.

You can be at present moment and able to take beyond of all rather than facing your problems. When you find peace within you, you can accept to face your true self and feelings and you don’t have to fight or struggle for who you are and what you have or you don’t have.

If you are in the circumstance of always having problems in your life, you believe that it’s normal for you to have problems and that that’s what you deserve. Then when you are not experiencing any problems, you feel uncomfortable therefore you attract and look for more problems. If you ever experienced this cycle and wondering why you are always struggling not getting what you want for your life, try to learn and focus on yourself within and search for the true happiness of your life.

The self-defining process does not need anyone else to count on. It’s the process within your mind and soul and body, how you remembering your childhood, and how you can find and cherish your inner-child yourself. I know you can cure and free yourself from the problems you may have because I am a good example of you. Here is a little bit about my personal story.

When I think of myself and why I love to write and teach everyone and my clients about self-love is that I was one of the children who was raised by busy parents who weren’t paying attention to own children. I was a little child who grew up believingthat my parents aren’t the real parents because they never tried to hear what I wish.

So I was raised by my grandmother who was from the southern island. My grandmother was a child with 9 siblings and she always told me how she struggled with her life in her family. I’d heard and seen the problems in dysfunction family that runs generation to the generation, and I wanted to stop that cycle of the broken house to hurt the feeling of innocent children like I had experienced.

I remember when my father often took me to his work where he treats people with Asthma in health. I was hanging around with children with Asthma symptoms and felt that they are exactly like me when they were out of breath and not able to say things. And I found deep sympathy for children who weren’t treated pleasantly by parents due to a broken family structure that causes mental and physical health issues. I was hurt as a little child how lonely it was to grow up seeing my mother was unhappy in the family. And I felt deeply and knowing how difficult it is for a child without receiving the love and attention they need as a child.

From how I raised, my circumstances in difficulty being in love relationship consisted until I fail from the love I wanted with my ex. What I found was that years of self-love study was not all to have a healthy love relationship unless I learn about the men psychology. I admitted the fact that I need to learn to change the circumstances. I studied and researched tons of books to learn about methods of forming a healthy relationship and marriage.

So this is why I became a love and health coach to coach people around the area where they get stuck. What’s more important is to first connect with your inner-child self so that you can recover, know, learn, about your true self. And then I teach beyond to succeed in your love relationship and mental and physical health in my programs.

As I coach, I realized many people are having the same problems as I was. So when I have spoken in the crowd of people or the articles I wrote about relationship and health, they relate to me and are willing to listen to my stories and asked me to tell them more about it.

This is why I want you to know that you can grow by yourself even you are raised in a broken family. Your experiences are valued for you to grow from the point of your life no matter if it’s good or bad experiences. You just need to accept the fact that you need help and make sure to get help for it so you can learn to grow.

Because you all are lovable, sensitive, and innocent child inside of you. So stop believing that you are unworthy or shame. You are worthy, valued, and gifted from the universe. And you all have a mission to do something and someone to love and be loved for life!

So this time around, learn to believe yourself and people you love. If you are facing any difficulty in your life, feel free to talk to me, message me, make comments, and place a session with me! I am here to help you to heal and to have a happier and healthier life!

Health Coach Riyo 🎺 with LOVE

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