How to Get What You Want for Your Life Effortlessly – (Including Painless Ab Slimming Tips)

My beautiful people in my community…I was talking to one of my clients last night and I felt so amazing with the story of new transformation and success! The great part of the self-love and connecting the energy from the universe tremendously gives you your higher power to get happiness of your life. The amazing thing comes to you in the way is happened very suddenly and with an unbelievable story in nature. When the missing part of your matching puzzle shows up in your life, it completes your life to make the way you always wanted without you thinking or fighting of it. You don’t have to act up or try hard to make it happen. Those amazing thing comes to you naturally when you are loving yourself and make it happen for you on its own.

So, learn to be in that flow of the universe and believe and trust yourself the way it is! I can always relax and enjoy any moments of time, work, joy, learning, listening, speaking, fun, laughing, sharing, and caring that I do for everyone. I have been totally receptive and thankful for everything comes to me as it’s given. I am calm and natural, feeling happy just accepting being who I am. This is why I love to teach my community about how you can be authentic and living at the present moments to get what you want! Just release your energy you receive to define and do what you love!

In our normal life, it’s natural for people to get hurt, and they stay away and escape from it because they don’t want to get hurt again. It’s common sense. However, you don’t want to close off your heart to escape from your own issues because if you do it’s actually blocking your new potentials that coming in the way. Therefore you stuck with problems. When you are facing the problems, the root of that problems is yourself. If you forget to face it and blaming and relying on others, you will never able to change the circumstances. This is why it’s important to learn about yourself and have meditation to focus on YOU and love YOU instead of relying on others as your emotional and physical getaway.

For example, it’s like you are working out having struggles to shape your body as you want. Nobody can work your body for you. You have to work on your own. If you can not, you ask for service to learn to work on your own. And it’s not so difficult to do that once you learn to take it easy to care of self. So let me talk about the painless ab exercise I promised to talk about last week as an example! It’s very simple movement and totally natural and requiring minimal efforts and time to provide burning fat on your ab.

1. Stand straight, place one leg forward, another leg back
2. strain your buttocks and keep your body weight to the back leg
3. squeeze your stomach tighter as you can
4. inhale slowly for 5 seconds from your nose while raising your arms above the head
5. exhale for 10 seconds you strain your body muscles

Do this easy exercise every morning for 15 times switching one leg and another. You don’t feel any pain or struggle. You know me, everyone, I always tell you that workout is not to be struggling with. It’s a little daily effort and performance to take care of your present needs. You don’t need an excessive amount of tough workout to the edge to hurt yourself. I promise if you do this exercise everyday and pays attention to control your breathing and stomach muscles on the all-day everyday bases, you will get a natural tight ab as you always wanted!

So no more struggling workout and keeping yourself calm to try mediation and mindful activities a part of your workout. (If you need diet or meal plan, you can check my previous posts.) If you have any difficulty about your mental and physical health, and you would like the unbelievable amazing things to happen to you effortlessly, message me, leave your comment, or place a session with me! I am surely here for you to get what you want in your life!

Health Coach Riyo 🍎 with LOVE

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