How to Identify Your Great Potential Partner for Your Love Life – Tips and Signs

Beautiful people in my community…I am still taking my vacation and I am enjoying people’s company! Over the weekend, I went out and watched few movies outdoor by the River and Beach. Also, Puerto Rican Parade was running with horses in my blocks yesterday. So, busy weekend like this, I feel to just put my feet up and relax tonight…I really wish everyone enjoyed this weekend too. People in the city do everything outdoors in the summertime such as watching movies, BBQing, doing Yoga, Workout, and even sleeping! It’s time for you to totally be open and let your energy go in and out naturally. Let your energy releases so that you can allow yourself in the summer flow.

Today, I will love to talk about how you can identify a great potential partner for your love life and if your guy is good for you. Because I’ve seen many of my clients are so focused on love. I understand that and I want you to be happy in love. And I know how some relationship turns out to be toxic mentally and physically to withdraw your energy and everything you have, so I want you to learn and be aware of the signs of an unhealthy relationship. So that you can let go and find a right person for you. I promise that when you find that person, you will notice how everything workout naturally and easy for both of you. You don’t have to fight, rush, or worry about your current situation now, and let your awareness handle it. This is the area many of you get frustrated because most of you have heartbroken before and you don’t allow yourself to make things easy and available. So I am here to help.

For example, one of my clients, she thought she found a perfect guy for her. He is cute and fun and very kind to her every time she meets him. However, his time for her is always restricted and she never knows what the future hold will be with him. She wants to get more attention from him. Therefore she begins to try harder and harder in the relationship. In the beginning, she simply wanted to find a man of her life, but now she is investing more time and energy and everything she has onto something he desires that she is not truly interested in. But she acts like she is with it because she is so obsessed with being with him. All she knows is to give all herself up to separate from her true desires just to be with him. Ladies! If this is you, you got to keep yourself up and together with YOURSELF!

Here is the problem. If you are in love with someone nothing but chemistry, you might be caught up with a difficult love relationship in an unconscious level, and once you stuck in that relationship, it might gonna take years to break up to get hurt, and you need another years to heal from heartbroken or otherwise, you forever keep having rebound relationships to hurt yourself and another. But don’t worry, you are not alone for this. If you want to stop the bad rebound relationships cycle, you got to learn to be aware of yourself to pay attention to your true feelings and hold for what you are and desire.

Believe me, if he is the right guy for you, he will give himself to make everything right for you without making you worry about any of your needs or wants.

The few tips and signs of the healthy and unhealthy love relationship are below. For someone, maybe it is difficult to believe, but if you experience the negative signs of those, you should move on to someone who makes you complete your life and not a part of your life.

She can be her own light without depending on men for her own happiness. As being a relationship with him, her life is going better and settled automatically. For instance, if she is tied up with full of things to do due to the relationship and that suffers her lifestyle, she is lacking her own needs and taking and investing too much on a relationship. In that case, she is not able to truly be happy or make a relationship happy, because she needs enough space and time for herself to be so.

Her life is settled and relaxed and she can enjoy things she wants outside of a relationship. She is calm and has no up and down emotional lifestyle. If she is consistently complaining or contacting him to smother him and worry about what he is doing, it cannot be a healthy relationship. In the healthy love relationship, she doesn’t have to worry about him if he calls her or when to text her. She totally trusts him for everything he does and he will be the one to worry about her.

She knows her self-value and worth and not afraid to tell her true desires of a love relationship. If she is acting like she is enjoying everything with him when she truly is not, it’s not a healthy relationship. For instance, she has her own responsibility or other appointments or other desires, but if he calls or asks for something, she does everything to make it up to his as a priority instead of her own. In the healthy relationship, she cannot lose herself to give out her own values and worth.

If you experience any of those signs and the relationship affects your lifestyle as going down the hills, you should be aware that it’s not for you. If any of those men make you feel like it is your obligation to excuse yourself and needs, he is not one for you. If you are being needy and desperate for his love and you have difficulty keeping yourself up, he is not for you. I know you think you love him and that you feel he is the one because he makes you feel good when he is with you, but your feelings and emotion don’t lie and this is the reason you cannot be totally comfortable in the relationship. So learn to be honest with yourself instead of frightening because if he is the one, none of the frustration will be in the pictures.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to message me, make a comment, or place a session with me! I am here to make your love life successful!

Love Coach Riyo 🍍 with LOVE

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