How to Eat Fruits and Vegetables Healthy – Tips to Remove Pesticides

Eating healthy must be important for my community because I know you are here for your healthy lifestyle. You may be purchasing organic food to concern for your health. However, most food in our modern society has pesticides even with organic fruits and vegetables (except bananas, pineapples, avocados, etc. that have skin to peel off). So I bring to your attention that how important it is to know how to wash natural products to remove the pesticides before you eat. Do you know why it’s important? Here is why.

Pesticides are typically used by farms to control pests and disease-carriers such as mice, ticks, rats as well as insects that eat fruits and vegetables before harvest. (Read EPA about Pesticides uses) What they do is to spray pesticides on to the fruits and vegetables so that products have no holes, bugs, and diseases.

However, when you are exposed to pesticides by eating those fruits and vegetables, there is a high risk of cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, birth defects, asthma, and etc. The researchers reported that these chronic diseases were evidenced from agricultural workers who are exposed to pesticides. The average lifespan of the workers who have exposed pesticides does not reach 50. This tells how serious and dangerous pesticides are to our health.

What about organic fruits and vegetables that have pesticides? Because they have to keep the products in good conditions with no bugs and diseases, even with organic products are sprayed pesticides to grow. The difference is that organic ones are used much safer pesticides than non-organic products. Since every product has pesticides and is not visible, I want you to learn how to properly wash off the pesticides.

I am sure we all rinsing off with cold water. But based on the researchers, rinsing with water is not enough to remove the pesticides. Here are the best 3 tips how to wash off pesticides.

1. 10% of Salty water (soaked for more than 10 mins, easiest and cost less but it will change the texture and taste of the food)
2. Vinegar (effective as salty water but it is expensive and it will change the favor of food)
3. Baking soda (one ounce of baking soda with 100 ounces of water and soaked for 10 mins and more to completely remove the pesticides)

The Baking soda was most effective and efficient. So I recommend to buy organic, wash with either those 3 methods, to eat. If the skin is peelable (such as apples, lemons, tomatoes, etc.), I recommend peeling the skin for eating rather than wash it. But if it’s not peelable like berries and spinach, you can use those tips to wash off pesticides to keep your healthy lifestyle. (These are the reasons why I love growing herbs at home!) I hope it helped you for healthy eating. If you have any questions, feel free to message me, make comments, or place a session with me!

Health Coach Riyo 🍎 in JOY

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