How to Identify Your Soulmate and Keep Your Love Life Last Forever

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! Last week, I was talking about the importance of making time and creating your love life. So this week, I would like you to learn how to keep your love life forever. Because I want you to realize that your soulmate exists and he is there waiting for you to give you smile! What you need is to be conscious of yourself and notice him. When you are being authentic and being present, that’s the time he finds you and comes close you. (check my previous blogs)

Many of you thinking that marriage is not easy. Some of you are emotionally unavailable and you may don’t even notice that you are. Then you subconsciously chose same emotionally unavailable men who are difficult for a relationship just to avoid marriage or serious relationship. Maybe your love relationships weren’t successful in the past or people around you are having a difficulty with their marriage. If this is you, you need to change your belief. You may be trying to avoid getting hurt again but you are actually doing backward. So this is the time for you to learn and be conscious about yourself to get your forever love life! Don’t worry, I teach you how to identify that person in my love improvement program!

When you look at a best love relationship, two of you are able to bring best out by being partnered. The best couple does not need other people’s ideas or validations to be the best. The two can create a beautiful harmony naturally without trying too hard. For instance, his life mission such as work is set up comfortably and his manhood is going well by being with her. She is being her best by owning her own happiness and she can continuously be so by being with him. They can be the best version of who potentially be. Their relationship is consistent and both are on the same page of life.

This type of win-win relationship is healthy for anyone around. In a healthy relationship, there are no pieces of a puzzle that are unsolvable. They can support each other to fulfill their needs and wants. Thier life can be easier and uplifted without any difficulty. Most of the successfully married couples I’ve seen have a similar lifestyle and having the same type of past relationships, and they are balanced and understanding each other.

When it comes to the interests, it is not necessary to have same interests because two can learn from each other. For example, I became a fitness trainer because my loving man taught me how to use my ab slide. I used to love doing a workout when I was young but I forgot to enjoy those things. So he helped me to bring me out to fulfill my life. Exchange of that, I can always encourage him for his mission (such as his successful career) and what he loves to do (such as traveling) to set him be free. Some caring like that help to uplift the life in a relationship.

Many of the problems I’ve seen in dating are choosing the wrong men. Some are obsessed and some are believing that that’s what you deserve to be limited in love life. Maybe you are insecure or you don’t believe it when good men show up for your life. You have to know that you deserve a good man who loves you. So ask yourself when you meet your men if he is the right one for you. A list is below.

Does your friends and family like him? Or do they question him with second thoughts?
Do you feel good about yourself? Or do you worry that if you are doing okay with him?
Can you be an honest and authentic self to him? Or are you hiding your emotion and true feeling to him?
Do you love yourself when you are with him? Or are you worrying something else or feeling that if you are not enough?

If you want a forever love life with your soulmate, those questions should be answered yes for the positive ones. If you feel guilty, lied to, or feeling bad for any negativity in the relationship, that’s the indication that you have to think if you are with right one. I teach more in my love improvement program what you can exactly do for your love life. I love to talk about it to guide you how you can exactly find one and keep the right one forever. If you have any difficulty or questions, feel free to message me, make a comment, or join my love improvement program! I am here to support your love life.

Love Coach Riyo 🌸 with LOVE

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