Control 4 Hormones Psychologically to Lose Weight? (Within 1 Month!)

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The summertime is coming and it’s so exciting. We can be under the sunshine wearing a bikini on the beach spreading our wings to hop in the ocean! I know many of you begin to work out for the weight loss from earlier this year. As I said in the previous post, working out too hard is not so effective to lose weight. Actually, muscles are much heavier than fat, so as you work out more, your body turning the fat into muscles, and this does not make differences with weights. Work out is good for metabolism, lifting mode, and toning, which I recommend to do as it’s a part of the weight loss.

If you really wanna lose weight to fit slim in the pretty bikini, you have to switch your daily mentality in the balance as well. It’s not just following the diet plan I talked about last week. If you really want to feel good under your own skin naturally to lose weight, you have to think all-inclusive, work out, meal plan, and mentality, in a balance. If you are focusing on your well being to know what’s good for you, your body switches the hormone functions to change in your favor.

For instance, when you are hungry, your hunger is coming from the signals from your brain. This is why some people have bad eating habit because they don’t know how to control it, which is controllable when you know how. As I have been talking about dietary, excises, and behavior modules to control insulin level in your body for the problem such as obesity. To manage those, there are 4 hormones need to adjust it to send the signals psychologically to your body system to lose weight.

There is a psychological invention to lose weight by using the scientific method. If you had tried many types of diet excises, and it never worked for you, you can try the psychological invention way of excises adding to your dietary you’ve learned previously. You can find out more and learn from the link below.

If anyone tried it, I would like to know how it went for you. And as I always say, if you still have difficulty dieting and weight loss by yourself, message me, make comment, and or place a session with me!

Health Coach Riyo 🌹 in Joy

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